A piece of software, worth a look,perhaps.

  gengiscant 07:19 08 Jul 2010

I came across this 'Soluto' click here and am currently using it. Its a beta, so not for everyone. I have had my eyes opened processes are starting on boot up.

Although my boot up time was only 59 seconds I managed to shave 5 and half second off this. I have never been a fan of msconfig in regards to startup items, so this is a little easier to understand. Not all startup processes are explained but these can be easily googled.
I think it is worth a look.

  robin_x 11:00 08 Jul 2010

Also see WinPatrol


  robin_x 11:02 08 Jul 2010

Actually also see Gizmo if you like tinkering

click here

And Tweakhound

click here

  cocteau48 11:32 08 Jul 2010


I gave Soluto a trial run a few weeks ago and it was fascinating to have the boot time of each and every process detailed.

As I expected I found that the files associated with Acronis were the biggest time hogs along with one or two others which were there by choice.

The vast majority of the files were those associated with loading Windows itself and each of those were only a fraction of a second each.

Their database is only in its infancy and very much relies on your feedback to expand.

The results I found to be interesting and very much as expected insofar as there was nothing lurking in there that I did not know about and having run it once decided that it was not a keeper.

  provider 2 16:34 08 Jul 2010

Interesting. I thought it might be just the thing for my friend who claims he feels intimidated by msconfig`s potential to wreak havoc in the hands of a pc learner.

It claimed my startup time was 2mins 30secs but didn`t wait for Avast to complete its start-up routine (including phoning home for updates) which would have added at least another two minutes.

Lots of info, nevertheless, though clearly in need of feedback to expand its database, as cocteau48 has said.

I think I`ll keep it for a while and see how it goes.

  northumbria61 17:01 08 Jul 2010

Interesting - said my startup time was 2.49 now down to 1.21 but not altogether convinced - I use "msconfig" and only ever have 1 startup item which is my anti-virus.

If it is supposed to work as similar to "msconfig" then it found 15 that weren't set to startup ??

BETA version - needs a lot of work - may keep it for a little while to see how it goes but I don't think it is a necessity - UNLESS of course you are not at ease using "msconfig"

  chub_tor 17:27 08 Jul 2010

Just downloaded and tried it. First pass was a boot time of 64 seconds, applied all the "easy green" recommendations, rebooted and new boot time was 70 seconds. Undid the recommendations and uninstalled it. Will stick with msconfig.

  provider 2 11:28 09 Jul 2010

Mmmm ... to-day it says my start-up time is 3mins 7secs (up from 2mins 30secs) though I`ve changed nothing.

AND ... I`m not happy with its `potentially removable`(or words to that effect) advice concerning Avast and Comodo.

Removing certain HP printer stuff from start-up, it says is a "no-brainer" even though we`re speaking about 2-second differences. In my experience, HP printer software is best left well alone.

Task Manager says it`s using 05-06% CPU even when switched off, so I`ve changed my mind but will perhaps give it another go once it`s out of beta.

  skeletal 18:58 09 Jul 2010

I like it! I’ve often wondered why it takes an eternity to boot my computer and this lists out all the candidates.

Mind you, swapping to an SSD has made an absolutely astonishing improvement in my boot times. This software timed it at 49 sec, I would guess at 3 ish minutes before (perhaps I’ll force a boot off the original disc and see).

Annoyingly, I got rid of 5 seconds worth of rubbish, but it still ended up at 49 seconds, coincidence that both times were the same.

You do have to be careful, one of the longest delays was Avira AV (6 long seconds), and I won’t be removing that.

And, dear old Google; no matter how many times I turn off all its updates and helps etc etc, it still reappears; I did use this software to turn is off again; I wonder how long it will last this time!

I have all sorts of software that analyses stuff that runs at boot times (inc msconfig). Some of these actually list far more than this program, but there’s not much you can do because it is all the Windows dlls etc. that have to run. The great advantage of this is that it gives times, so if there is something that is a real hog, you know what you can do to make a big impact.

I cannot understand why removing stuff did not reduce the time though. This was similar to chub_tor’s results.


  Proclaimer 22:39 09 Jul 2010

Is life so frantic that 5.5 seconds off your boot time is worth it...

  Pine Man 11:58 10 Jul 2010

I had to give it a try and it told me my boot up time was 69 seconds.

The biggest reduction in boot up was achieved by - uninstalling soluto - 5 seconds;-))

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