Pictures as signitures in Outlook Express.

  pimpers 20:20 03 Jun 2005

I have tried and failed with this.

What I want to do is have a picture as a signature at the bottom of my emails. I have tried to do this as a file instead of text but it informs me it has removed it.

Without going through the process of searching and inserting a picture everytime, is there a way of doing this with one click of a button so the same picture is at the bottom of my emails just like a written signature?



  Sealer 21:40 03 Jun 2005

would making your own stationary do the trick? you could always use different stationary for different people.

  DieSse 23:35 03 Jun 2005

f you want a graphic as a signature, you have to compose it as an HTML file. You can use Word to do so if you have it.

  pimpers 00:08 04 Jun 2005

I will have a go at this later today.

A few sherberts tonight so to bed now.

Thanks to both of you.


  GroupFC 15:47 04 Jun 2005

I knew I'd find it in the end! I originally came across this over two years ago - just been having a tidy up and have come across it again - see if it is any help click here

  GroupFC 15:56 04 Jun 2005

Here's another site that might give you some ideas what to do click here

  DieSse 15:57 04 Jun 2005

Excellent link! Thanks

  Alan2 18:04 04 Jun 2005

Marked for future reference - thanks.

  GroupFC 18:41 04 Jun 2005

Blimey! - That's the first post I've had like that in over 2,000 log-ins! (but which one?).

  roy 18:57 04 Jun 2005


  canard 00:08 05 Jun 2005

click here This was easy enough for me to crack prob at last.

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