Pictures screesavers problem--windows me

  Bevlee 16:13 30 Mar 2003

When you click on properties--in windows me-----a list of your screensavers and pictures comes up
Every picture that I download
goes into here and remains here Can I stop the pictures from going in here or is there a way to delete them
Old pictures that I have deleted from my hard drive are still piled up in here and no way can I delete them.
Thanks vey much

  bigray 16:19 30 Mar 2003

are the same pictures in my documents/ pictures? if so can you delete from there & make another folder to hold your downloads

  Richard Madeley 16:21 30 Mar 2003

Do you mean if you right click on your Desktop and click Properties?

All this does is show you the pictures in your My Pictures folder and availabale screensavers. You delete them in the actual folders. They only 'go in there' if you've saved them.

  leo49 16:28 30 Mar 2003

Check the contents of C:\WINDOWS\WEB\Wallpaper\ - you might find several of them hiding in there.


  Bevlee 19:08 30 Mar 2003

I did save the pictures to my computer even after I delete them from there, they still appear in-----the area that says----properties-----then display ---my rEgular screesavers are there plus all the other pictures that i HAVE DELETED
The webshot and microsoft sc savers are there which is fine but every picture that I have ever saved to my pc is still there
Even the ones deleted from my documents remains in this properties display
Perhaps Im not explaining this well--could be a blonde moment----thanks a bunch

  Richard Madeley 20:46 30 Mar 2003

You mean they're still listed in Properties Box but have been deleted?

When you click on them in display does the actual picture show up on the Preview Monitor in the Properties box?

  Bevlee 21:02 30 Mar 2003

No matter how I try to delete they still remain An the little box with the description of the screen saver is thereIf you click on it you can still use it as a screensaver even though I have deleted it all over the place it still remains

  watchful 21:02 30 Mar 2003

I've used several of my pics as Desktops but they only appear in the list as long as I use them. To get them there I have to browse to My Docs and My pics.
Never been able to use a pic as a screensaver except for a downloaded one specially for that purpose.

  Bevlee 21:48 30 Mar 2003

All i have to do is click properties disply and the picture comes up even though they have been deleted elsewhere.They are in the same window as my webshots and microsoft scree savers are.
Could it have anything to do with photo suite program I have
This is a mystery ----guess I better get Sherlock homes on the case
Thanks guys

  Richard Madeley 21:30 31 Mar 2003

It's nothing to do with Webshots is it? I've never used it but I know someone who has. Look in the Program Folder for Webshots to see if it has it's own Pictures folder.

  Bevlee 00:09 01 Apr 2003

I do have webshots Ill look around in there
Thanks Bev-------frustrating darn thing

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