Pictures in Outlook email

  chub_tor 13:05 06 Mar 2007

I have just changed from Outlook Express to Outlook as my default for sending and receiving emails. When I sent pictures as attachments (or received them) using Outlook Express I could usually view them at the bottom of the message. In Outlook all I get are the Photoshop icons in the header and I have to open up an external programme to view the pictures that I have sent (or received).
Is there a way to configure Outlook to show the attached pictures?

  ArrGee 13:19 06 Mar 2007

I've had a look through the options on Outlook and can't find anything that will allow this.

However, this may be of some help
click here

  ArrGee 13:23 06 Mar 2007

Also, I believe that it depends on the sender as to how the image is sent. If it is in the form of an attached file, then the file has to be opened.

Otherwise the sender can use the Insert Picture option when compiling a new email for the picture to be embedded into the body of the email.

  chub_tor 17:37 06 Mar 2007

Thanks for the answers and the link - from the comments on that page it looks like a buggy piece of software. Guess that I will just revert to Outlook Express.

  anchor 12:03 07 Mar 2007

I use Outlook 2003, and have no problem in sending pictures that can be seen directly in the e-mail; (rather than as attachments).

This is the way I do it:

Open Outlook, click on new mail message. Select format, then choose HTML.

Enter the address of your recipient, then place your mouse cursor in the message section, or write a message.

Then click Insert from the top tool bar, select picture. Select the source of your picture. Click OK. The picture will appear in the body of your message.

You can adjust physical size and position; then send as normal.

It works for me!!.

  ArrGee 14:01 07 Mar 2007

I think this is more about emails that have been received as opposed to sending. As you can see, I mentioned this in my second posting here.

  anchor 16:31 07 Mar 2007

Yes, ArrGee, you are correct as regards receiving pictures. The other question asked concerned the sending of pictures in Outlook; the method I describe will do this.

I, (and many thousands of Outlook users), would not agree with chub_tor that it is a "buggy piece of software".

  ArrGee 16:44 07 Mar 2007

Outlook has never been a problem for me either anchor, but I think he is refering to the link that I put in my first posting.

Still, if anyone can find a way of looking at pic in incoming Outlook mail (not attached, but embedded) I too would like to know.


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