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  User-178362 23:44 23 Sep 2005

(1) When emailing a pic I click on send to. click ok, then click To, but there are not any names, under Select Name, but there are when I just click on Create mail. (2) When I do click Creat Mail and click on insert pic it is too large. Where as in Incredimail I just had to double click on a pic for it to fit onto the email. I do have PicaView not sure which version. I have been useing it for 18 months. I have windows xp.

  User-178362 00:19 24 Sep 2005

When I click on Spelling, to see if I have made any mistakes, a mesage comes up with An error occurred while the spelling was being checked.

  VoG II 08:26 24 Sep 2005

The spell checker in Outlook Express needs Microsoft Word to be installed.

If you have Word and the spell checker doesn't work click here but back-up the registry first click here

  jack 08:55 24 Sep 2005

To transmit pictures of reasonable size, therefore not take too long to send/recieve they need to be 600x800 pixels or less. OE his no image processing capabilities. All has to be prepared in advance.
I looks as if Incredimail [which I used to play with but no longer use] has something built in.
Coming back to sending pix by OE the bestway is to create a folder in 'MY Picures and name it Pixfor E-mail.
Then open your image editor- selected an image- go to IMAGE in the top bar, select resize, click on pixels and make 800 wide[let depth follow] go file click on 'save as' and direct the new picture to the Pix for E-mail folder- thus saving the original picture full size- Then when you have processed all your pictures, you can get on with the business of boring your buddies with pix of you on the beach wearing a 'Kiss me Kwik' hat.
If you have not got a useful image editor download
click here or click here

  Wak 12:17 24 Sep 2005

If you don't have Microsoft Word then you can get a good FREE Spell Checker for IE and OE from click here

  User-178362 23:03 24 Sep 2005

Wak, I have PicaView, I have had it for about 18 months. Not sure if it is up to date, I open my pic with PicaView, then resize pic, File / Save As. Is this what you mean when you say image editor? I have lost all my buddies, bored them to death with my pic, so no use me wearing a Kiss me Kwik hat.

VoG, I do have Microsoft Word on my Desk Top. Looking at what you told me, it said it is complex, if I back up a single key, this is risky. I have to be sure of none of the keys contain encrypated. I feel sure I will do this wrong. I will most likely be going back to my old ways Incredimail. When I click on send to there isn't anyone there, and when I clike on insert pic some of the names are under other peoples names. problems problems.

While I have someones attention I am going back into an old thread Not My Computer. More problems.

  Wak 11:19 25 Sep 2005

I think you have the replies from VOG and myself mixed up. I only suggested the source of a good free SPELL CHECKER to use with Outlook Express in case you didn't have Microsoft Word.
You could still try it out as it works with I.E., O.E. and all responses to other web sites and forums.

  jack 12:12 25 Sep 2005

It was Jack not Wak or Vog that mentioned Image Editor- but yes PicaView is one and what you do seems Ok. For E-mail use you could make them tiny-[400x300 even] so long as your buddies dont want to print them to A4 that'l be ok.

  User-178362 14:08 25 Sep 2005

Thank you I have just installed ieSpell Checker.

I clicked on (1)Tools and I have an (2)icon on the same line as Favorites. but where is the (3)browser. This is the 3rd way of using spell check? Thank you all very much, sorry for getting your names mixed up. I feel very happy not.

  User-178362 14:11 25 Sep 2005

Still do not have spell checker on my OE email. What does IE stand for?

  jack 14:29 25 Sep 2005

Explorer is the core of the whole Windows System
It enables your to 'explore' the system.
I E is Internet Explorer- it is an extention of the above.

Outlook express does need a spell checker to call on to function, it has none of its own. Usually one of the variants of Windows Word in Windows Works or Office will comply. If you have none of those there are I believe some freebies to download - try a Google search or change your browser to FireFox and Thundebird for example.[Google for a spellchecker and or FireFox/Thunderbird]

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