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  User-178362 20:21 27 Jul 2005

How to put pic on CDR80.

There are different ways on how to put pics on CD. Could you tell me the best way as I highlight, then try to write to CD. Sometimes it works, but I'm sure there must be a better way that works every time.

Also could you tell me should I buy this and is it a good program. PhotoPlus 6.5, Photo Manager, Photo Objects 3,000

  Danoh 21:57 27 Jul 2005

It sounds like your current method uses Windows XP’s CD writing facility (please confirm). You’d use My Computer or Windows Explorer to go to a folder with the pics you want to write to CD. After highlighting just the ones you want to copy (pressing “Alt” and clicking on each thumbnail view of the pic), you would click “Copy to CD”. Please confirm if I’ve guessed correctly.

From your earlier thread click here you’d mentioned that CD-Rs you’ve used seem to only be able to store 500 Mb of pics on what is supposed to be a 700 Mb capacity on a CD-R labelled as CDR80.

CD writing software such as Nero will give you a graphic view of how much capacity is left on a CD-R and how much you are trying to add to it, before you burn the CD-R. Do you have any other CD-writing software programs?

Without such software, I don’t think Windows CD-writing facility gives you any other means of checking whether the total size of your pics will fit onto a completely blank CD-R or even a partially filled one. So I’d suggested a work around of creating a separate folder where you can put copies of the pics you wish to burn to CD-R first.

I don't have experience of the Photo Editing programs you mention so will leave others to comment.

  Danoh 22:02 27 Jul 2005

Oh. I see you have started a separate thread on this subject, adding Roxio Photosuite 7 to the choices you are considering click here

It might be advisable to add all the other programs you are considering to that thread so folks can comment on all of them in one thread instead of 2.

  User-178362 22:28 27 Jul 2005

Is this correct?

Yes I am useing XP. I have noticed it does tell me how much disk space I am useing when highlighting. Do I have to copy before writing to CD?

Yes I would like to know which I should buy Roxio 7 or Serif 10?

  Danoh 22:40 27 Jul 2005

I was being ultra cautious in describing a laborious, step-by-step process which hopefully would be more ensured of being fool-proof. If you are happy working on the fly and are sure that the CD-R you are using is new and completely blank, then please forgive my excessive caution.

To prevent some permanent inks eating through to the data layer on a CD-R, use pens which are meant for that purpose. It happened to a CD-R I’d received from overseas and it was torturous getting another one, so just passing on a war-story of mine.

Should you move beyond just still pictures, the following thread I’ve just read might make interesting reading. click here

  Danoh 22:44 27 Jul 2005

It depends what you are looking to achieve. I use Adobe's PhotoShop Elements but it does have a learning curve which is very off putting if all you want to do is remove red-eyes, crop the photo, resize, maybe brighten a dark picture and thats about it.

But with free photo-editing programs which seem fairly full-featured such as Picasa click here you can afford to simply download and try it out for yourself.

One ought to really post these in your other thread. :-)

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