lynn1 15:20 16 Apr 2003

i use to be able to insert pictures into e-mails i was sending so the receipient could see it. lately, when i do this, it inserts allright, but the receipient is not able to see the picture. they get the box with the x in it. is there something i have done wrong???

appreciate any advice.


  Gerrycan 15:45 16 Apr 2003

You say the "receipient" if its only one then it could be a vm/java problem at there end,if its more than one receipient, what format are you sending then? jpeg or bitmap?

  Gerrycan 15:48 16 Apr 2003
  lynn1 16:39 16 Apr 2003

when i insert the pictures into e-mails it is more than one receipient that cannot get the picture. i have checked and my pictures are in jpg format. this is a recent problem.

  marjted 17:07 16 Apr 2003

When you 'insert' what do you do?
Are you using the 'attach' sequence?

  lynn1 17:42 16 Apr 2003

no, i am not using the attach. when i open a new e-mail after writing the e-mail, i go to the "insert" picture.

if i am sending as an attachment, usually not a problem, but this insert in e-mail use to work just fine and now it isn't. so i am wondering if i have inadvertantly done something wrong.

thanks again.

  watchful 18:21 16 Apr 2003

In the New Message window, under Format, is it ticked at the bottom where it says 'send pictures with message'?

  lynn1 18:41 16 Apr 2003

there is no place to put a tick.

when i open a "new" e-mail, write the e-mail then i go to "insert", insert what....a picture. i can insert the picture, no problem, but the receipients are not getting the picture. these are being sent jpg format. they are getting a box with an X in it.

  watchful 19:46 16 Apr 2003

I'm using Windows XP Home so perhaps yours is different.

In Outlook Express try: Tools/Internet options/Send tab/HTML settings and see if there is a box there to tick for sending pics with message.

Also are your recipients set for receiving HTML?

  lynn1 20:35 16 Apr 2003

thanks for some of the replies. i have windows ME. i will have a look at what you said though.

  david4637 20:44 16 Apr 2003

If you send the picture(s) pasted in the email text area to yourself do you receive it/them OK? Try it and report back. David

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