User-178362 20:04 02 Aug 2005

I returned my pictures from the recycle Bin, They are now ready to go on CD, but I would like them to go in "My Pictures". Changed my mind about puting them on disk.

  curlylad 20:45 02 Aug 2005

If it is in the 'files waiting to be written to the CD' pane then right click , highlight send to , highlight and click my documents and this will put the picture into my pictures.

If it is in the recycle bin then right click the picture , highlight and click restore , this will put the picture back to where it was when you moved it to the recycle bin.

  User-178362 21:09 02 Aug 2005

I restored them from the recycle bin. Now they are waiting to be writen to CD. I would like them back in My Pictures.

When I do what you say it is only one at a time, then I have to slid it over onto My Pictures, I have over 200 to go back into My Pictures

  stalion 21:34 02 Aug 2005

if your pictures are all together you can shorten the transfer process by highlighting the first picture then go to a few pictures further on and press the arrow key on your keyboard above ctrl on the left and when you select the next picture it will hilight all the pictures inbetween then right click your mouse and choose send to

  lotvic 22:05 02 Aug 2005

Put cursor on a blank bit and press the 2 keys -Ctrl A and it will select all of them for you

  User-178362 22:10 02 Aug 2005

Thank you Stalion. It worked for me, I got something right. But they go into My Documents not My Pictures, I have to slid them over, Was that the idea

  User-178362 22:54 02 Aug 2005

I have done what as been surgested.

Halleleyuh. Good job done.

Thank you.

Just before I finnish on this subject. Is there a way of sending them straght to My Pictures without going through documents? Also a way of deleteing them all, differently to the way I do, by highlighting them then delete, as I cannot always do that correctly, It goes further than I want to, so I have to stop and highlight again.

  stalion 23:15 02 Aug 2005

you may find this helpful click here

  User-178362 23:43 02 Aug 2005

Thank you Stalion Click here.

Where did you get Absulute Beginner V1 from? I will read it tomorrow.

Tonight, has been two steps forward and one back.

I have a copy of My Pictures file. Is original one, the one that says Modified 15.00pm compared with the one that was modified this evening? Just checking this with you.

To Be Con.

  User-178362 02:11 04 Aug 2005

Now I can only see My Pictures. Do not know where the copy went. Any surgestions, because I do not want two sets.

No there not in the reclcle bin.

I like to have a joke.

  User-178362 19:19 04 Aug 2005

I have All my pictures in folders now.

Before I put them on disk. I have an icon in one of the folders. Its an eye, with an arrow in the corner saying short cut to 0028.

I would like to delete this shortcut icon before putting onto CDR. When I click on it nothing happens.

I hope I can put all me folders containing my pic on Disk.

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