Rabi 22:04 26 Feb 2007


Trying to put together my first web site, with 0 experience & a PC novice.

I have lots of pictures to use, problems is all were taken in 5 - 8 megapixels ... We always want to keep the original in the best detail possible.

I am informed, that if I use just a few of these at these resolutions, the web site will take FOREVER to open/load. I am also informed that for websites, pictures taken even in 512K are enough; true?

I would be grateful for guidance & suggestions on how to reduce the size of these pictures, and to what size, for a web site?

Thank you all so kindly

  Z1100 22:28 26 Feb 2007

others use free photo-editing software such as GIMP click here

On my website I do not add photos larger than KB in size on any page. You can look at my non-business site here click here and you will see the photos look good. They were all taken at a resolution of MP or higher so they had to be 'saved for the web' and depending upon what Software you have the method will be different for the conversion, simple but different.


  Z1100 23:34 26 Feb 2007


  Rabi 23:44 26 Feb 2007


Went to your web-site, nice!
Love the pictures, couldn't believe they were only 56Kb and 67Kb, etc.

I will try the GIMP Software, hope it's easy to use...

  Rabi 23:49 26 Feb 2007

At what resolution were the pictures on your web site taken?

  Z1100 00:05 27 Feb 2007

and the lowest spec one is 2mp the best 5.2mp.

The secret is to save the image to your HDD 1st. Crop and tidy the image. Some of the images can be cropped very tight for more impact.

If there is an option to resize the image then select that option and use the 'Pixel Dimensions' resize to reduce the image. I have one photo that is 37mb, (4373 pixels wide x 2958 pixels high) thats 3cm x 2cm in real terms.

If I select a size of 400 pixels wide the image quality is preserved and the file size drops to an astonishing 317KB. yes, KB!

the 400 pixel width is quite wide for the web page, 800 pixels would be almost full screen on a web page with a monitor resolution of 1280 x 1024.

The image can be reduced further in PS Elements by saving this new image size using the 'save for web' option and in this case the file size drops from 317kb to 41kb and that is ok for a 2mb Broadband user and acceptable, just, for dial up visitors.

I have never used any free software for this but I guess most camera software should do some of the work.


  barryoneoff.co.uk 00:10 27 Feb 2007

complete novice, you may find the GIMP a bit too techie. You may be better off with Irfanview to resize and compress your pics. click here

  Rabi 00:23 27 Feb 2007

click here


Went to this link, can't download the Gimp for Mac. But I have a PC in the office, so I will try the new link from barryoneoff tomorrow,

thank you both

  Z1100 11:36 27 Feb 2007

Nope, that is correct for the image in my demo. You need to factor in either the digital camera that took the photo or the negative scanner that captured the image in the first place.

Inn this case it was a 35 mm negative scanned at 1000 dpi then, saved as a TIFF, converted to JPEG and then blah blah blah...



  Boy Zone 19:10 05 Feb 2008

looks good to me

  gibbs1984 08:59 06 Feb 2008

Be careful resizing the image in the code though because if you have a image that is say 800 x 600 and 1mb in size then resizing it in the code to 400 x 300 will still mean that a 1mb file will still need to be downloaded from the server.

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