Picture quality poor on laptop

  goldenoldie2000 12:04 25 Mar 2005

When I go on line the picture quality is very poor , text ok . Have downloaded photographs from my digital camera to check that it's not the laptop and they are perfect.My settings are screen resolution 1024x768(which is what is recommended for my laptop)colour quality 32bit.Any suggestions please.

  Yoda Knight 12:07 25 Mar 2005

hmmm... u could try getting the latest drivers for your graphics card

  FelixTCat 12:09 25 Mar 2005

What pictures on-line? It may be that they are poor quality anyway.

  anchor 13:07 25 Mar 2005

Have a look at a web page I made to show friends our Spring flowers. The quality of these pictures is fine, (you should even be able to see a small spider on one of the crocus).

click here

  goldenoldie2000 15:52 25 Mar 2005

Yoda Knight
I have ATI Mobility Radeon 9700 3D Graphic/64 MB VRAM with the latest updates.
Your photographs were spot on ,and yes I could see the spider on the crocus.
Maybe you are right.
I am still very surprised at the poor picture quality I am getting when I am on line.

  FelixTCat 16:03 25 Mar 2005

We don't know what pictures you are looking at, but many sites have low resolution pics so that dial-up users can download them in a reasonable time.

  goldenoldie2000 17:04 25 Mar 2005

I have just compared the picture quality with my 7. year old PC ,and it is far superior to the laptop which is only 6 month old.I have been looking at holiday sites and am unable to compare hotels etc because of the poor quality.

  livewire 17:11 25 Mar 2005

What browser are you using?

  goldenoldie2000 18:19 25 Mar 2005

IE but have just downloaded deepnetexplorer.com that I use on my PC,but no improvement.I have just been on a holiday site indigoholidays.com on the same page some of the pictures are perfect and others are unrecognisable.

  anchor 12:21 26 Mar 2005

Just had a look at the site of indigoholidays. Some of their pictures are only 10-12kb in size, so don`t expect much quality.

If you are seeing my spring flower pictures from the web in good quality, don`t blame your laptop. My pictures are about 90kb each.

Many sites keep their picture quality very low in order to have fast load times.

  woodchip 12:25 26 Mar 2005

My Laptop does not compare with Crt on desktop

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