picture print problem

  jack 20:05 23 Jan 2003
  jack 20:05 23 Jan 2003

picture print problems

A favourite picture that has been printed many times in many
configurations issuddenly giving problem.
It is a digicam JPEg and has areas of luxurient dark green foliage.
All of a sudden no matter what size or configuration areas of the saifd foliage in one particular
spot is printing with 'grey holes'
How come and how can I cure it?

  Wak 21:59 23 Jan 2003

I don't know what is causing the problem of the Grey holes but I would suggest that you first of all make a copy of the photo by using "save as" and give it a different name.
Then open up the copy in a suitable graphics program and try and cover the holes by cloning (copying) surrounding areas of a similar colour into the holes by using the cloning tool.
The cloning tool is also ideal for removing obtrusive back-grounds, etc.

  DieSse 22:39 23 Jan 2003

First, is it a problem with the file (does it look OK on the screen?) - or is it a print problem (looks OK on the screen, but doesn't print out correctly)

What you would do is very different in each case.

  barryoneoff 00:24 24 Jan 2003

before you make any alterations or slight changes, or whatever. Keep this copy as your original and always save by "save as" any time you use the image.
This may sound a bit confusing, But every time you use a Jpeg image and save it, a minute part of it is lost in the compression process. It is hardly noticeable, but this loss of quality escalates every time you use the same image and re-save. So always keep the original untouched (e.g. "image" ) and save as "image2..3..4 etc.)
You can always delete the "save as" copy, but your original file has not been re-saved, therefore no extra compression.

Sorry about being long winded, brains out of sync.(hic!)

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