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  Dearersteak 09:02 11 May 2003

Hi all, Me again. I've got a small list of problem with this machine since i formated. First it was the defrag/scan disk problem, then their was the pop up window, And now this one. With any luck, it should be a simple one.

When i first got this PC, if i opened a picture, Say... A jpeg, It would open in some picture preview program that come with 98. It opened realy fast, and was fine. But sinces i've formated, I've lost it, and it was'nt installed when i re-installed 98. Have'nt got a 98 disk to hand, Only the recovery disk... (but can get hold of one if i need to...) So either i use Explorer with is a pain, because it opens it in any browser you may have open, lossing what ever it was that was in the window before. Or i use quick time, Which takes too long to open the asks me to upgarde evertime.

Does anyone know where i can find either the origanal program, Or a close replacement?? I don't want to edit the picture, Just open and view the, with the least amount of loading time.

Be back later after my paper round! (yippy)

  Pesala 10:42 11 May 2003

Doesn't Win 98 allow a picture preview in the customise folder options? I forget, as I have been using ME for a long time.

I would say download and install Irfan View. The executable is about 500K so it loads in an instant. You can use it to browse a directory or even make a slide show.

I fine IE annoying for the reason you state. That is one reason why I use Opera which opens multiple windows and has a page bar with tabs to switch quickly between windows. It will also view JPGs, but I rarely use it for that, preferring to browse in Explorer and load image in Irfan View. click here

  Dearersteak 10:54 11 May 2003

Wow, Is there anything this program WON'T open?? Thank pesala, this is EXTACTLY the type of program i was looking for. Ever need any hardware advise, let me know. Cheers.

  beeuuem 10:55 11 May 2003

Have you got the folder with the pictures set to 'view as a web page'? I think that it needs to be for the preview to work.

  leo49 12:04 11 May 2003

If you want to see what the picture is without even opening it, Picaview provides a thumbnail within the right click context menu whenever you rightclick a picture.

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