picture loss

  rogerthebuilder 17:32 12 Nov 2006

help! I have taken pictures from my camera and stored them on the pc. Having then wiped the card I took more pictures and then also stored these, in another folder, on the pc.
The camera has numbered the photos and so each file contains different pictures with the same number. I have a picture of, lets say a house, but when I open it it is a picture of a tree...the other picture with the same number!!can somebody help me find the house picture

  Technotiger 17:48 12 Nov 2006

Hi, can you not just re-number one set of pics, just add a 0 to the beginning of the numbers.

Also, I would guess that you can reset your camera to number continuously rather than re-start the numbers each time you use the cam.


  rogerthebuilder 17:53 12 Nov 2006

hi, When i rename the picture it changes the thumbnail to that of the other picture!! It really is very strange. It seems that the pc doesn't want to acknowledge that the picture is there..only in thumbnail form...im lost

  Technotiger 19:20 12 Nov 2006

Hmmm, instead of viewing the pics as thumbnails, will you be able to find the 'house' if you change Thumbnails to Details from within the Views options.

  rogerthebuilder 19:37 12 Nov 2006

techno, thanks for you help. If i list the files as, lets say, details, the date on the file is of the 1st picture however the thumbnail shown when i revert back to "thumbnails" is of a later picture. I feel something is corrupt?

  Technotiger 19:57 12 Nov 2006

Right, hows about, Saving those pictures that you can access/see onto CD or DVD, if you can do that you could then delete them from your pc, which should take care of one set of pics and then leave you the ability to perhaps access/see the remaining set of pics?

  rogerthebuilder 20:08 12 Nov 2006

have tried it !!:( :(

  lotvic 20:19 12 Nov 2006

Run your antivirus and spyware progs.
'Exploit-QtPICT' trojan can cause this sort of behaviour.

  rogerthebuilder 20:36 12 Nov 2006

thanks, i will try that

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