"Picture it publishing" what next?

  bretsky 15:41 05 Sep 2004

Hi folks, I have the above 2001 oem version and would like to upgrade to a higher and more up to date version. I am very happy with "pip" and I am no David Bailey and I find it very easy to use, but as I say would like to have a more up to date version, it came with works suite preinstalled.

Comments well appreciated ta

bretsky ;0)

  Graham ® 17:14 05 Sep 2004

You may already have the latest version unless you've turned it off. I have version

click here

  bretsky 18:08 05 Sep 2004

Thanx Graham, yes this is the version I have, just wondered what to up grade to, as there seems to be an awful lot of these apps on the market.

bretsky ;0)

  Pesala 19:52 05 Sep 2004
  Diodorus Siculus 19:59 05 Sep 2004

I don't know what PIT does, but would suggest you have a look at Photoshop Elements version 2 - excellent for photo manipulation.

Serif have PhotoPlus available free.

  Graham ® 20:50 05 Sep 2004

The forbidden 3 letter word 'Buy' is apparent!

  Pesala 21:14 05 Sep 2004

>> The forbidden 3 letter word 'Buy' is apparent! <<

Much though I love freeware, sometimes it is worth buying software, though these days it is hard to justify spending more than £50 on any software. $24 is not a lot.

  bretsky 21:23 05 Sep 2004

Thanx gang, will take a look at suggestions, "pip" is very simple to use with great results without being overly complicated.

bretsky ;0)

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