Picture Icons change to Photoshop

  audeal 22:32 03 Jul 2007

When I open a folder full of photographs and before I can open any of the photo files all the file icons within that folder change to the photoshop icon one at a time even when the photos are associated with Windows Picture and Fax Viewer. This takes a long time to complete when there are a lot of photos in the folder and I can't view any of the photos untill they have all changed.

Does any body know how to stop these files changing to photoshop files. They do not open in photoshop but in the associated program, but I have to wait for them all to change before I can continue.

Any help will be appreciated. Audeal

  VoG II 22:41 03 Jul 2007

you could try...
from explorer /tools /folder options
select files type.
highlight the file type, select advanced, change icon to windows fax viewer
you may have to browse to select icon

  audeal 23:44 03 Jul 2007

There seems to be some confusion here. All my picture files are already associated with Picture and Fax Viewer.

My folders are set up to show the files inside them as "View > List". This way I get a list of files down the screen with the icon in front of the file name. These Icons are correct when I open the folder BUT as soon as the folder is opened the icons start to change to the Photoshop icon and I can't continue until all the icons have changed.

*THE RAVEN*: I have tried you suggestion on several occasions without any luck. I have been trying to solve this problem for a long time now. The only way to stop this from happening is to uninstall Photoshop and I don't want to do that.

  audeal 11:13 04 Jul 2007


  Abi-Moore 11:25 04 Jul 2007

click here
sounds like youve already tried this but maybe worth posting on the forum

  audeal 11:36 04 Jul 2007

Abi-Moore. What your link describes is associating a file with a program, but this is not the problem as the files are already associated with the required program and open into it without trouble. The problem is that when I open the folder which contains the picture files the icons next to the file names changes to the Photoshop icon one after the other and can take a long time to complete before I can open any of the files.

I can't describe the problem any better that that. If nobody can understand what I am trying to describe then I shall have to give it up and put up with it, but I am reluctant to open folders which contain a large number of files.

  Abi-Moore 11:57 04 Jul 2007

i understood what you mean hence
"sounds like youve already tried this"
the click here was more of point towards a specialist forum
It seems more like a setting within photoshop,rather than windows
click here maybe the browser facility,monitoring your folders,i honestly dont know
try posting on click here
i hope this helps you to find the answer

"Apparently Photoshop inserts a new function having to do with creating thumbnails of images that it is associated with. If you right click on a jpg or tif or similar and select Properties, you will see a tab called Photoshop Image. All you have to do is to uncheck the Generate Thumbnails box and this won't happen again for any of the filetypes that Photoshop is associate with"
click here
can you have a look in a jpg properties to see if you have the option to uncheck generate thumbnails,i understand the file is assoaciated with other app but in case still assoaciated in some way or another

  audeal 14:31 04 Jul 2007

*THE RAVEN*. Your suggestion of removing the tick did the trick, except it still changes the icon to photoshop. However the change is now instantaneous and I do not have to wait for ever and a day before opening a file.

As this has solved the worst part of the issue (Changing file icons slowly) I can live with the icons so can now close this thread.

I thank all of you for your help. Audeal

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