Picture on forum

  User-178362 22:03 24 Aug 2005

Is it alright for absolute beginners to put their picture on the forum? If so how is it done?

  Diodorus Siculus 22:32 24 Aug 2005

Put it where on the forum?

Unlike many other fora, it cannot be done on this.

Someone had a site with them PCA pics PCA advisor pictures and images
click here but I've not heard mych of them recently. You can possibly post one there.

  Kev.Ifty 00:41 25 Aug 2005

You can post a link to a picture by using a 'hosting thing' like Imageshack... click here

If the pic is on your PC just click the browse tab to host it. Then CUT 'N' PASTE the link here.

The site that Diodorus Siculus linked to belongs to Spikeychris. A long standing and knowledgeable PCA Forum member.

So if you want to add your 'mug shot' you'll be in good company ;-)

Cheers Kev.

  wolfie3000 04:37 27 Aug 2005

What a good idea to have a webpage with all the PCA members on its pure genius i have e-mailed the owner for my ugly mug to be put on so hopefully soon i will be on lol.
As for putting pictures on here like kev.ifty said u can link to an image host like imageshack or there are others but i cant remember them

  pj123 15:56 29 Aug 2005

The website for putting your picture on is:

click here

  woodchip 23:56 01 Sep 2005
  spuds 17:18 03 Sep 2005

spikeychris as recently informed the members that he is no longer publishing further photographs, and he as requested that people stop sending them to him.

  pj123 17:31 03 Sep 2005

Yes, a shame really but maybe someone else (Chris willing) could take it over? I wouldn't mind giving it a go myself.

  pj123 17:33 03 Sep 2005

Sorry meant to put a link: click here

  josie mayhem 23:53 05 Sep 2005

Just don't bully F.E into letting pitcures on here pleaseee....

I hate them, I've been to other forums and having this pitcure flashing and alimated to the left of your screen is a nightmare to say the least.

On these sites, they seemed to be very user unfriendly, instead of having easy to read threads, they seem to repeat themselves in tecni-colour, and you are constantly distracted by that flipping pitcure and some imuture forum name, and for what I've seen the interaction of some of the post is a case of; lets show hum up, and chuck insults at them rather than reslove there problem, seems to end up as a slanging match not problem sloving.

I'd hate pca to end up like this, I enjoy it as it is.


spikeychris did provide a good website for those members who wanted to show there faces, and I must admit that it is sad to see it not being up-dated any reason why?

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