Picking an "all-in-one" printer.....

  AnthonyB 19:00 03 Jan 2004

Well, I've had this hewlett packard Deskjet 693 for about 6 or so years now (still ok though - but cartridges aren't cheap).

Anyway, I am going to buy an "all-in-one" printer which inludes scanner copier etc. What I want to know is this: what *doesn't* the LEXMARK
X1160 priced at £49.00 at PC world do that the £300 + hewlett packrds Epsons don't??

Up to 4800 x 1200 dpi print resolution on the £351.00 HEWLETT PACKARD OFFICEJET 7130

Up to 4800 x 1200 dpi print resolution on the £49.00 Lexmark

I won't write a full list out, but scan depth etc are also same on the two models, as are some other things. faster printing maybe, and a card reader, but does these price differences make that much sense?. I have about £200 to spemd I want an all-in-one, so Why am I putting off ordering the cheapo one @ £49? - well, I though there might be something I've missed...or perhaps it don't come with print cartridges? - single not duel etc. Anyway, I don't want to pay £200-350 for an all-in-oner' if a £49 qwid machine does basically the same thing PRINT SCAN AND COPY!


  AnthonyB 20:40 03 Jan 2004

...incidently, my current Printer cost me £450 qwid at the time!(out of me "mams' catalogue

(ok, ok, that's another way of saying "BUMP":)


  TommyRed 20:54 03 Jan 2004

I've got the HP 1210 PSC which came bundled with my system from Curry's, I believe they are about £100.00 to buy seperately. Only had it a few months but it seems fine, photo quality is good, seems reasonably quick for a £100 printer, only problems are trying to find compatible cartridges, e-mailed 'Choice' they haven't got them so may have to refill originals. HTH TR

  Keith 21:45 03 Jan 2004

DO check the cost of replacement print cartridges before you go for the cheap Lexmark! This is where they get their money back - you may find yourself paying well over £20 for a black ink cartridge - more for a colour replacement. Also, compare the print speeds of the various models. The Lexmark may be slow by comparison.

I have recently bought an HP SmartBase MPC190 (about £140) and it's superb. Fast, quiet, reliable and ink cartridges are reasonably cheap.

Finally, check out the Consumerwatch forum where you may find better advice on the specific model you are considering.

Hope this helps, Keith

  AnthonyB 22:58 03 Jan 2004

Thanks All:)


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