Picassa2 Help needed

  m800afc 19:00 18 Oct 2007

I have just downloaded Picassa2. On starting, I am offered a choice of scanning my entire computer, of all of My Documents for images. Is it possible to scan ONLY My Pictures? I only have my own photographs in MY Pictures. Other files within My Documents contain clip art and album art that I do not want to see in Picassa2.

  anskyber 19:08 18 Oct 2007

I cannot recall when in the process this was done and I recall it was not very obvious but I recall that during the install process I was given the choice of where I wanted the scan and I chose My Pics.

It might be worth installing and starting again but taking it very slowly, not that I am saying you rushed it first time(!)

  anskyber 19:09 18 Oct 2007

uninstalling and starting again (correction!0

  m800afc 19:19 18 Oct 2007

The choice is offered during installation of Picassa2. There does not appear to be an obvious option to select only my pictures. The application cannot be installed without doing a scan.

  carper 20:42 18 Oct 2007

You don't need to reinstall. Click on "Import" then device which will bring up "folders" Click on this and bring up any photo folder you wish to include. Hope this helps Regards Carper

  m800afc 06:36 19 Oct 2007

I will try as you say, but how do I install without scanning for photographs?

  superhoops 07:59 19 Oct 2007

I had the same problem and it imported a right load of old rubbish into it that I had to remove after to get it how I wanted it.
There is a lot of room for improvement in the program, not least the lack of video controls when watching a video( although you can use keyboard shortcuts)

  March Hare 08:35 19 Oct 2007

This feature to scour my whole drive to grab every available image on my C drive put me off Picasa completely, and I uninstalled it. I would be happy to reinstall it if the process was more controllable.

  carper 10:43 19 Oct 2007

Sorry but it is so long since I installed that I do not remember the procedure, but I don't remember it scanning all files. I only transfer the items I want instead of any automatic scan. Sorry I'm no more help. Carper

  bretsky 16:11 19 Oct 2007

Yes I remember this happened to me and it took hours to scan the whole pc and for this reason I no longer use it and agree with the comments from superhoops & March Hare also the program has lost a whole drive of images, how I don't know, but it would take an age to do again!

bretsky ;0)

  m800afc 02:51 20 Oct 2007

Fellow forum members,
If Picassa2 will not enable me to specify folders which I wish to be scanned, is there a free alternative that I might try that will allow me to specify folders?

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