picasa3 resolution on save

  awest3 16:00 24 Nov 2009

I'm scanning some old photos in and want to send them via email to my brother. He wants to print them at their original resolution size.300ppi.
When I scan them they have a size of approx 1.4 meg but when I save them using Picasa3 they end up at about 80kb...this is before emailing. I know that on email you can send either at reduced size or full size....but my size is now 80kb instead of 1.4meg. I'm puzzled because I'm sure I was able to save at full size previous to Picasa3 i.e in Picasa 2.
As always any help would be appreciated.


  MrNewName 16:04 24 Nov 2009

Check the Picasa settings for saving JPEGs - sounds like it is compressing them a lot.

Save as TIFF files if you can - that will mean they are better quality.

  awest3 16:11 24 Nov 2009

thanks for your swift reply...but I can't find anywhere that allows you to say what compression to use.....

  MrNewName 16:13 24 Nov 2009

Sorry - I don't use it so can't help.

If I have to scan, I use Irfanview and it does all that I need.

  awest3 16:18 24 Nov 2009

I tend to use Picasa3 for ease of use, quick editing and to keep track of photos..also use photoshop elements..but its overkill for what I want to do...maybe I'll use infranview then import into picasa..


  awest3 16:18 24 Nov 2009

for infranview read irfanview

  hssutton 16:20 24 Nov 2009

Go to "Tools">>"Options" there you can specify the pixel size up to 1600 or select full size

  awest3 17:10 24 Nov 2009

Thanks for this...this is just for email though. my pictures are scanned at 1.4meg but get to picasa at 80kb..so its before emial gets involved...

  tullie 17:21 24 Nov 2009

You dont have to use picasa to send the photos.

  awest3 17:48 24 Nov 2009

Thanks for thge reply..I think I am not explaining myself properly...

email is a red herring..so to speak

The scanner creates a picture at 1.4meg but when it is saved its 80kb...this is before email..

I'm begining to think its not Picasa but the scanner..I've just saved a 1.4meg photo into word and looking at it with explorer it says its just 121kb...

I'll have to research it some more..thanks for your comments.

  awest3 18:06 24 Nov 2009

Not resolved but I need to ask the question about scanners rather than picasa..
Thanks for your help.

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