Picasa or drive c: corrupt files

  robhawk 12:46 23 Feb 2009

I keep getting a message when Picasa loads telling me to run chkdsk since Picasa 3 or drive C: has corrupt files. I have done this several times, including uninstalling Picasa, but the message continues to return. Should I be worrying about my hard drive? How can I fix the problem please?

  MAJ 13:08 23 Feb 2009

Is this happening when you boot your PC or only when you open Picasa?

Go to Start > Run and type in:


and press OK. When the black command window appears, type in:

fsutil dirty query C:

and press Return. Does it report that Volume C: is Dirty or Not Dirty?

  robhawk 14:00 23 Feb 2009

Thank you for quick reply.
Answers are:
When I open Picasa and

  ened 14:14 23 Feb 2009

I just tried this on my Vista Ultimate machine and the message was that I need Administrator priviliges.

How can I get round this?

  MAJ 15:32 23 Feb 2009

The dirty bit is set then, hawkeye1. Open a command window again and type:


and press Return. That will tell Windows not to run checkdisk on reboot. Reboot your PC and open another Command window when Windows loads. Then type:

Chkdsk /f /r C:

and press Return. That will run Checkdisk and should unset the dirty bit. Let Checkdisk complete, then, into a Command window, type:

fsutil dirty query C:

and press Return. That should tell you that Volume C: is not dirty.

That should cure the problem.

ened: Run it as Administrator.

  ened 16:10 23 Feb 2009

I am the administrator - I built the machine and I am the only user.

hawkeye1 Apologies for hijacking your thread.

  MAJ 16:15 23 Feb 2009

Go to Start > All Programs > accessories, right-click on the "Command Prompt" entry and choose "Run as Administrator". Just another one of Vista's crappy idiosyncrasies.

  ened 16:25 23 Feb 2009

Cheers for that.

  robhawk 21:06 23 Feb 2009

Thank you MAJ for your suggestions which I carried out. Drive stated to be not DIRTY.

However as soon as I tried to launch Picasa again I got the same "file or C: is corrupt - run chkdsk".

I should add that Picasa usually is meant to work with an external hard drive where the photos are.

Anymore ideas please?

  MAJ 21:17 23 Feb 2009

Check the external disk as above, hawkeye1, changing "C:", in the commands, for the external drive's letter.

  robhawk 11:44 24 Feb 2009

Checked external drive i: and it's not dirty. Picasa on loading still gives same message. Any more ideas please - and many thanks for your time.

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