Picasa and IE

  lindyloo4 14:46 27 Dec 2004

I've just been raving about Picasa but now find I can't connect to IE, to get here I've had to open Outlook Express first. Any ideas please. I wouldn't want to uninstall Picasa.

  VoG II 15:58 27 Dec 2004

What actually happens when you try to start Internet Explorer? What type of connection do you have?

  Irishman 16:07 27 Dec 2004

I tried Picasa on a Win 2000 machine and ended up uninstalling it again. It tried to take over every picture on the computer including icons,mpegs etc no matter what way I set it up. I also had problems with it opening when I clicked on other applications . In my opinion it's a bit invasive.

  lindyloo4 16:20 27 Dec 2004

I was getting "This page can not be displayed". I then found my Internet connection had gone to Never Dial a connection. I uninstalled Picasa then thought I'd give it another try. My internet settings seem ok now. I know what Irishman means everything to do with pictures appears to have it's own album but we'll see how it goes.

Thanks for the replies.

  hssutton 16:23 27 Dec 2004

As Vog says "what actually happens.

As picassa only links to the images on the hard-drive (it doesn't actually move any)They remain in the original folder, so, I'm not sure how it can be called invasive

  lindyloo4 16:36 27 Dec 2004

I've Green ticked far too soon.

It's happened again. If I click on the IE icon I don't get a connection just the white page saying This page can not be displayed.

It appears not to work after opening Picasa then closing it.

I'm on dial up and using XP.

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