Piano Keyboard to PC Connection.

  Tockman 19:33 01 Apr 2003

Hi there. P.C. Novice Here!
Is it possible to connect & record a Piano KeyBoard (Technics KN5000)to PC(XP)without using expensive SoundCards etc? I have Onboard Wavetable 32 Sound,(whatever that is)told you I was a novice!
Have Midi Cable. Can anyone Help.

Thanks, Tockman

  Newuser435 20:48 01 Apr 2003

try connecting your midi cable to the games port,
(joystick socket on back of pc?)
and then use windows sound recorder.


  canard 23:22 01 Apr 2003

We were asking the same question at the pc shop this afternoon and the man [2 men actually] told us that nowadays no pcs have the joystick connection. It is all done, apparently, via an additional soundcard. I would very much like to hear if PCA readers agree with this statement. And if joystick ports are still available on new pcs where to find the suppliers.

  Tockman 23:44 01 Apr 2003

Thanks Newuser,
Tried that,can here music very faintly but poor quality. any other ideas. Tockman.

  Eagie 00:02 02 Apr 2003

Control the keyboard using midi (in which cae you would need either a cable that goes from your joystick port to two midi connectors - one in, one out - or a dedicated MIDI interface)?

Or just record from it (just connect the keyboard's line out - which will prpbably be two phonons - to your line in port - which will be a mini jack - making sure all the settings are correct)?

If you want to go down the MIDI route I would recommend a midi interface rather than the old joystick port - it's specifically built for the job. You can get some sound cards with midi ports built in. Personally I have an external sound module with a mixer and interface built-in.

  kimjhon 00:37 02 Apr 2003

I take it, Tockman, that you want to hear the rendition and record it as a .midi file?
Thinking of buying a keyboard, myself, if this were possible.

Newuser435, Windows sound recorder will only record WYhearIWYG as a .wav file. Is this right?

  tbh72 00:47 02 Apr 2003

Tockman, I'm not familiar with midi setup - but I know for sure that you would use a midi cable, have you tried adjusting your sound setting to compensate for the low volume.

If you can't resolve the problem straightaway & have a stereo headphone lead with two male end on you can plug one into the input (back of PC) and the other into the headphone jack on the piano.

As I understand it though - the midi lead is a two way thing which with the right software is able to control the piano from the PC.....

I'll have a quick look on the manufacturers web site and see if they have any d/l's for you

  AudioVic' 05:48 02 Apr 2003

I use SBlive Card which is down in price at the moment.

I use Technics keyboard and can create midi through midi in. out. thru or line in for .wav.

Also cakewalk pro audio software for the midi.

The midi conects to the SB live games port.

  Eagie 09:10 02 Apr 2003

A midi cable does not allow you to transmit sound - this is used to send and receive midi messages allowing you to control a keyboard for instance. Using a sequencer you can record these midi messages (on, off, velocity etc)and build up a multi-layered track but this is not an audio recording that can be transferred to a CD say to go in your Hi Fi's cd player. To record audio you use standard audio cables.

If you have connected using audio cables and are still getting a low sound output, then you may need to check that your input settings are correct. Often you will find a small icon in the shape of a mixer if the bottom right task bar. Open this up and check the fader for input is correct and that you are using line in rather than a mic input.

  Tockman 18:52 02 Apr 2003

Thats exactly what I'm trying to do.
Thanks Eagie,can see where your coming from,Midi only sends midi messages,think I'm trying to do the immpossible.If I connected using audio cable would that be a .wav. file?

Thanks tbh72
Have tried adjusting sound settings,No luck even on Max.

Thanks for all Replies. Tockman.

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