.phz files :S

  Dopeman 23:31 04 Jul 2008

can someone help me - i have a .phz and i need to 'unpack' it, and i need a tool to do this for me

cheers, dopeman

  tasslehoff burrfoot 23:48 04 Jul 2008

Isn't that a proprietary spreadsheet extension? I forget the application, but I'm not sure you would need to unpack it?

Filext.com is normally good for these things, give that a try

  Dopeman 23:54 04 Jul 2008

sorry i forgot to mention it's a .iso.phz - if that helps

  tullie 00:20 05 Jul 2008

I googled that file extention all i got was a porn site.

  tasslehoff burrfoot 00:33 05 Jul 2008

click here

That's what I got.

The site I mentioned gives this

click here

Which is not particularly useful

OP, it may help if you tell us where you got it from, what you expect it to be.

If you expect it to be an image try renaming it to remove the .phz and opening in an image program or burning to disc

  Dopeman 00:45 05 Jul 2008

don't worry people, i've sorted it out now, thanks for the help anyway


  tasslehoff burrfoot 00:51 05 Jul 2008

Could you explain the solution for those with the same problem? (That way a search will yield this thread)

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