Physically Installing a second hard drive

  Sapins 18:26 09 Jan 2003
  Sapins 18:26 09 Jan 2003

Is there only one way up to install a hard drive?
I ask because the IDE cable is now very taught and twisted having installed a second hard drive. If I could turn both drives over the cable would not be taught. I have installed the second drive to correspond with the original drive, i.e. the power cable and IDE cables are on the same side.I hope I have made this clear! The installation, using Seagates "DiscWizard" was extremely easy and I'm a beginner!!!

  Nappy1610 18:30 09 Jan 2003

You can install it upside down but it may not function properly the best idea would be to purchase a longer IDE cable.


  clayton 18:52 09 Jan 2003

Have you set the jumpers on the new drive to slave ?

  BrianW 21:00 09 Jan 2003

nip into your local store and get a round IDE cable, better airflow and they dont suffer so much from the problem you describe. Costs about £12.00 from memory

  PurplePenny 22:35 09 Jan 2003

BrianW is right. Round cables are much better. Try Overclockers click here


  TECHNODIMWIT 23:55 09 Jan 2003

there are 2 ways to install a hard drive.

horizontal with the circuit board facing down,
and vertical with the connections upwards.

i`ve never seen a hard drive installed in any other position.
hope it helps


  Sapins 08:55 10 Jan 2003

Nappy1610, clayton, BrianW, PurplePenny, TECHNODIMWIT,
Hi Folks, thanks for your replies. Yes the drive is set to slave, i.e. no jumper. I did not realise you could get a round cable, that seems the best solution. I have just read the full instructions from the Seagate "DiscWizard" and they say you can mount the drive in any orientation but it is usually mounted with the circuit board down! I think I'll go for the round cable if I can find one here, if not I'll buy a longer one. Many thanks for your help it is much appreciated.

  Sapins 08:57 10 Jan 2003

"here" is South West France and -7c today but no snow.

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