Help! :D 16:11 21 Feb 2004

Hi, my new site, has been launched. Its a freeweb hosting company. watch out for the pop ups though!!!!! may need to disable ur pop up stopper and be careful wot u close as the site is built on a pop up. please ur feed back on her will help me improve.

p.s i know about all the pop ups and i will be upgrading in the next week

  Forum Editor 17:32 21 Feb 2004

to your site. The domain name hasn't been registered to anyone - it's available.

In any event, the name is a bad one, it's very difficult to remember, and the .tk domain level is almost unheard of.

If you post a link to your site we'll all be able to see it and let you have some comment.

  Help! :D 21:28 21 Feb 2004

calm down.
click here

  Help! :D 21:30 21 Feb 2004

by the way, its cos u spelt it wrong, so thatks for you advice but before u make comments like that, why dont you try reading what you wrote?

  tbh72 21:43 21 Feb 2004

Popups are very unprofessional. I would not place an order with your company. Im unable to comment on your website as I closed the window due to it being a pop up.

The FE spelt your URL the same way you did, without pasting a click here link as you have nobody would have been able to see your website.

An appology is in order I think!!

  PurplePenny 22:13 21 Feb 2004

And you think that you can spell?

  Help! :D 22:19 21 Feb 2004

its short!!!! PurplePenny.
tbh72 thanks for ur comments, i will take them on board.

  Sir Radfordin 23:40 21 Feb 2004

er...wasn't it you who spelt it wrong in the body of your first post?

The site flashed up loads of stuff that ZA and pop up stoppers must have killed off and now it doesn't want to load at can't comment, apart from to say...I don't feel I've missed out.

  Forum Editor 00:18 22 Feb 2004

but it was you who spelt your own domain name wrongly - not me. If that's the way you behave towards someone who tries to respond to your request for help I doubt that you'll get very far in life. I don't expect an apology for your rudeness, and I can't react to your site because it doesn't load.

I suggest that you rethink your concept - you'll get no visitors at all if you base a design around pop-ups, and you'll get very few anyway with a commercial site that's hosted in free webspace.

Come back when you've got your site working properly.

  jgosden 09:27 22 Feb 2004

i agree with fe don't be so rude, your website dosn't even work, is that our fault as well???? try clicking on the link your posted and you will see an exiciting window that just closes!! Come back here when you have a website that works because why can't comment on a website where the browser self closes!!

  Talented Monkey 12:02 22 Feb 2004

Your site fails to load, I am getting a redirection to your free web space package at Hostultra, which produces the IE server not found or DNS error page. IF you have any other package other than a reseller account, you will find you are committing a serious breech of terms and conditions by setting up a hosting company using any other package.. It simply isn’t allowed. If you can afford a reseller account then you should get a more recognizable .com or other than a .tk

For those of you who are interested, the TK extensions belong to a small island country Tokelu in the pacific Ocean nearest neighbours Soma. Many of these dot TK domains are being given away which appeals immensely to mainly teenagers , and of course others, who want something for nothing.

I am more than aware of many .tk sites,unlike alot of people like the FE, mainly becuase my teenage son and all his friends have them.

To find out more click here

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