phpmyadmin/linked tables/myisam files

  peabody 17:42 22 Dec 2005

I've started creating a database on my Host's remote servers using their installation of phpmyadmin. Initially, there was no Relation View and InnoDB tables were not supported so it was impossible to create linked-tables.

I raised a support ticket and asked them to install the linked-tables infrastructure which I was told they had done and, hey presto, I was able to convert the MyIsam tables to InnoDB and see the Relation View icon and get to the appropriate screen to link tables.

BUT you still have no facility to link MyIsam tables - no Relation View icon.

Having queried this I'm told 'No, you don't and you can't' for MyIsam files.

I retorted that this seems unreasonable: the default table structure is MyIsam and there is no way of linking tables. So you can't create a relational database.

Is it me - am I being ignorant/unreasonable/stupid?

Should I pursue the issue or is this a typical service provider's set-up for phpmyadmin?

Thanks, folks.

  Forum Editor 23:43 22 Dec 2005
  peabody 08:55 23 Dec 2005

Thanks, but I suppose I'm really asking if my hosting service provider is reasonable to deny me what I consider standard functionality in phpmyadmin.

  peabody 21:31 01 Jan 2006

Have marked this as resolved. Thanks FE.

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