phpBB root path... 22:55 04 Feb 2007

Installed the phpBB OK but trying to tweak it a bit tests my very limited knowledge of FTP.

I intended to place a remotely hosted image on the board, but am confused by this stipulation. The image must be: "Relative to phpBB root path".

Does this mean I can't just link to it remotely from my other web site? I would normally use the trial and error path, but I don't want to lose the forum I have spent hours working on.

Cheers, Whiz...

  Forum Editor 23:17 04 Feb 2007

Barry. If you simply want to place an image on the board, why does it have to be remotely hosted - why can't you just put it in the images/ directory? 23:23 04 Feb 2007

a small badge for the moderator, I already have it in a folder elsewhere. There's no problem uploading it again, I just didn't know where, but you just answered that for me.

Why don't they just say 'bung it in the image folder' rather than "Relative to phpBB root path"?

What happened to the plain English Society? Thanks FE, I dare say I'll be back. I am lost at the moment! 01:20 05 Feb 2007

I still can't find the folder! I've been everywhere. I've put the graphic in a few places but had to delete it again.

There are so many folders in the tree I'm absolutely lost. Giving up till tomorrow now. 01:37 05 Feb 2007

try, try again! At last. One final attempt at the maze and I did it! It went in the Public_html/templates/subSilver/images...


  Forum Editor 17:49 05 Feb 2007

to the wonderful world of phpBB skins.

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