phpBB hosting... 22:37 02 Feb 2007

Can anyone reccomend a host (paid for) for a phpBB forum. I'm am gradually going off EZBoard as it drifts towards Yuku, and would like to start afresh with either Invision or phpBB.

My normal web hosts 1&1 and webmania do not support it, and a Google search simply brought on rubbish or confusion.

Does anyone use, and are happy with, a host specifically for a forum? 23:37 02 Feb 2007

this one, click here but would appreciate a more knowledgable person to give it the once over. It seems OK compared to the rest of the search results but I don't want to dive in blind.

  Forum Editor 14:10 03 Feb 2007

would you prefer a host?

These people are pretty good, and you would have full access to the server, so you could install anything you like. It means you would have to install the forum yourself, or get phpBB to do it for you (which they will do).

click here

I've been in touch with them, and they seem very helpful. They suggest that you head over to their site and have an online chat with their support person. I've been talking to someone called Adrian. If you want to ask specific questions you can email him at: [email protected] 14:18 03 Feb 2007

but I decided to take the plunge with Siteground after all. I even managed to get my first choice of domain name free. So I now own both the and They also give 900 gigabytes of monthly traffic, which was one of my main concerns. I hope that will suffice!

I am at the moment configuring the BB which was a doddle to install. I will then run the two forums side by side during the changeover period so that members have plenty of time.

As I am not the most techie person in the world I will keep you informed of the pitfalls I come across so that someone else may benefit.

Cheer, Whiz...

  Forum Editor 14:25 03 Feb 2007

and the support staff (if you ever need them) are excellent. 00:44 06 Feb 2007

I'm going to add my banner to the template, hopefully without mucking it up.

I am making a full back up just in case, but will that include all the postings as well as the set up?

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