phpBB back-up... 00:21 05 Mar 2007

I changed to phpBB a month ago from EZBoard so now the onus is on me rather than them. I hope I never have to use the backup to restore a lost forum but just in case, can I ask if it is really this simple?

If you are about to answer my query you will be aware that phpBB offers the options of Full Backup, Structure Only, Data Only, and Additional Tables. Every couple of days I take the full backup option, store it on my hard drive and this is then uploaded to Mozy with my other remote backups so it is fairly safe to say that I will always have a backup available.

But in the event of a total loss of the forum, would a simple click on the Restore button actually put everything back to how it was, with all posts intact? Or do I need to do anything else? As the posts grow, so do my worries!

Any advice welcome.

  Forum Editor 23:20 05 Mar 2007

on the 'Restore database' button will do just that - everything should be intact. The restore button can be found in 'General admin', but I'm sure you already know that. 23:24 05 Mar 2007

I can't believe it could be as simple as that! Maybe I'm just a cynic.

Thanks FE. It puts my mind at rest, but I still never want to have to use it.

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