php - open page in page?

  fourjays 23:12 23 Mar 2005

Is there a way to have a php webpage, display the content of another page in a certain place on the page? That is probably a bit unclear.

I have an index.php, with a portal style layout. How can I make it, so that when a browser clicks on a menu link, it will change the page in the middle table cell?

Im not sure if is possible in the exact way I am asking, but I am sure there is a simple way with php to have one part change without all the others having to be reloaded.

If there are, or arent any ways to do this, please let me know. I don't want to spend the next 3 days googling for something that doesn't exist. :p


  smudge101 14:33 25 Mar 2005


It is possible to do it using an I Frame & css.

Have a look here

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