PHP Nuke

  Quintus 16:12 26 Dec 2004

First off, I hope you all had a great Christmas and got what you wanted from Santa :-) Now, I was just looking through the forums and I spotted a few people looking for tips on making their websites. Well if you're looking to create a good looking website with very little effort then PHP Nuke is the way to go. a href="click here">Dead Duck software /a> is a website that my friends and I maintain. See what I mean? Go to a href="click here" /a> To find out more. I highly recommend it.

  Taran 16:40 26 Dec 2004

phpNuke and similar community portal applications do provide a way of producing a good looking dynamic site.

They also all tend to look very much the same - basically most users tend to choose from one of a selection of templates, and because of this a phpNuke site is usually drop dead easy to spot.

The same can be said for most forum/portal applictaions, and I've lost count of the amount of times I've seen people saying 'look at my great site' only to find that they've populated a pre-programmed web application template with their own material. It never even seems to occur to many people to design their own theme for the portal.

Portal systems have a valid use but they are severly limited in some respects and totally overgunned in others, while to many newcomers they may be totally overwhemling.

As much as I admire what they can do, they teach people little or nothing about design and development for the web and I am not a fan of any out-of-the-box solution that only requires content.

It's basically one huge template, waiting for you to fill it.

I do agree that the results can look quite slick though.

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