PHP / MySQL Chatroom Required

  tbh72 14:58 08 Jan 2004

click here I posted this thread in the helproom in the small hours last. I really would be grateful if some knowledgable soul could advise if this is possible.

  Taran 15:16 08 Jan 2004

phpBB click here is about my all time favourite.
It's drop dead easy to instal and configure and works like a charm.

Without the full details of your web server account it's a little difficult to say without any doubt that it will be all you need, but take a look and if it isn't suitable post again since there are some other alternatives.

I'll mirror this answer in your other thread to make sure you see it.

Oh, and depending on how adventurous you feel, you can always write your own discussion board...



  Taran 15:21 08 Jan 2004

The obvious stumbling block is your FP site management. This always causes a headache or three when combining MySQL and PHP content.


  tbh72 15:28 08 Jan 2004

Thanks for your replies Taran, I appreciate your input & advice.

I have chosen Invision for my discussion forum, and you are so correct in that FTP access "to set permissions" can cause major headache's with FPSE's, but I have so far successfully found a way around this.

I am looking at the link you provided, but I am not able to find a chat room feature.

  Taran 15:34 08 Jan 2004

Have a look at this link click here

You can see what the software is and what it does - the demo page is really for sysadmins to see how they mess around with the nuts and bolts that drive everything.

I'm probably going to get a lot of flak for this, but I prefer phpBB to Invision. phpBB is, in my opinion, far easier to set up and use. Both are superb though and certainly at the top of their particular tree, so either one will more than meet your requirements.

  tbh72 15:44 08 Jan 2004

I think phpBB is more popular than invision, one of my favourite website's uses this system click here but saying that I found the invision very simple to install & was initially drawn to it because it has a chatroom add-on. Unfortunately it's a little out of my budget at this time and I was also hoping for a stand alone chat system that was not tied to the forum.

Gosh this PHP / MySQL malarky is complicated!!!

  Taran 16:02 08 Jan 2004

PHPDev is a combined MySQL, PHP, Apache server installer to turn your desktop PC into a testing server for PHP projects.

It ships with Invision which you are allowed to use under license.

Have you looked at this click here and this (be warned, this one is very simple) click here

There's a nice article on a fairly simple DIY chat program if you want to get into coding yourself click here

Oh, and InvisionFree, if you haven't looked at it, could be worth a glance click here

  Taran 16:04 08 Jan 2004

Forgot the link to PHPDev click here

Keep in mind that you don't have to have a fully featured forum in operation. As the sysadmin you get to cut things down to the bone if you want so you can turn a full discussion board into a far simpler affair just by choosing not to implement many of its features.

  tbh72 16:25 08 Jan 2004

Taran, thank's for the info. The PHP Chat look's to be the most suitable so far. I have d/l'ed the code & will look at it in more detail tonight. I'm not sure if im up to coding my own system, but if I can find the confidence I will certainly look to "customize" the code into the feel of the finished website.

  tbh72 00:56 09 Jan 2004

I'm not sure if your about Taran, but that excellent chatroom link you provided turned out to be conditional on PHP Postnuke. So, I find myself at PHPDev and see there are a whole collection of d/l's available. What can I achieve by installing PHPDev? Which version is best?, im thinking 423 @ 11.5mb.....!!!! This could be interesting!!!!

  Taran 10:29 09 Jan 2004

PHPDev is a combined installer that drops a fully working Apache web server with MySQL, PHP, PHP MyAdmin, Invision and several other bits and bobs on your system with no tinkering required by you.

Start with PHPDev 423 then after it has been installed, update it with the version 4.3.0 download. This gives you a more recent version of PHP to work with.

You may need the mod_perl download too if you want to dabble with Perl and CGI scripts to any great extent, but this is optional.

If you run the initial 423 install then the upgrade, make sure that you close down all running instances of MySQL and Apache. Closing the Apache screen window may or may not stop it from running, depending on your version of Windows, but even if it does stop, MySQL will still be chuntering along in the background and trying to run the 4.3.0 upgrade will fail miserably. If in doubt, either close it down with the Task Manager or just restart your PC to clear everything.

It may or may not be an answer for you. I've not checked the licensing for use of the Invision board that ships with PHPDev, other than the fact I know that it's there and I seem to remember reading that it may be used by agreement with PHPDev, but for deployment on the web and whatnot I've not checked it out.

This is one of those little gems that I often suggest to people who want to start out with PHP but have no idea how to manually istall and configure the separate Apache, PHP, MySQL and phpMyAdmin components. Anything that sets up a working web server with all the bells and whistles in no time and with no manual editing [usually] of your config files to speak of is good news.

I'll be in front of a machine with PHPDev installed on it later this afternoon, so if you want me to check out the Invision license I will. I suspect that you've probably gone and downloaded it by now though...


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