Mary_S 14:29 18 Jan 2006

Dear all,

Im working with PHP and MYSQL. My problem is i need to write a php script that will consider two columns in a table of which both are integer. For each row in the table, determine which of the two columns holds a smaller value than copy this into a third coulmn.
Any suggestions??


  Taran 21:12 18 Jan 2006

There are more ways of doing this than I care to imagine.

Some are better than others in some ways, while others may be better depending on your goal state.

I'll understand if the information is sensitive and you can't give actual details but can you suggest the structure of your data source, any naming conventions specific to this project and so on ?

Detail is key when creating scripts and without it I'd have to resort to "if column 1 is called X and column 2 is called Y and..."

Will the number of rows always be the same or will a recordset query populate the table to begin with, where the number of table rows could change ?

See what I mean about detail ?

There are loads of questions I could ask here but I will leave it to you to think about specifying what you want with as much supporting detail as possible.


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