PhP loss of access

  Dalglish2 08:27 22 Aug 2006

Ive lost access to my database and need to "flush hsots "as I foolishly changed my server password.
I now neeed to run RELOAD but dont have the right php skills and syntax. Is there a wizard or is there a command I can run in PhpAdmin?
My login page is click here login danny password sam


  harristweed 08:57 22 Aug 2006

Why not just change the password back again? or am I missing something?

Have you put the 'new' password in to your php script?

  Dalglish2 09:15 22 Aug 2006

Tried putting the password back to what it was but still get same error in Easygen " too many connection problems ..."
may need to start again by recreating database and server details as still at testing stage.
Is there a short cut way to run flush hosts?

  harristweed 10:32 22 Aug 2006

Sorry, don't know easygen or what 'flush hosts' is.

Why not post the code?

  Dalglish2 11:41 23 Aug 2006

Have found out that it means that you should run the command:

> mysqladmin -uroot -p[password] flush-hosts

from the command line on your mysql server.

Your host where you are running your script has done a lot of connection errors and therefor been locked out by the mysqld.
Not sure where to start! How do I locate the code? cheers Richard

  Dalglish2 11:51 23 Aug 2006

What Im struggling with not having experience of PHP is where to find the code and what syntax to use on MySQL server - where to find the server even?!

  harristweed 13:08 23 Aug 2006

It's a large subject to explain here.

A good place for you to start is
click here

  Dalglish2 20:30 27 Aug 2006

sorry for the delay richard - my ISP sortedit - thanks for the suggestions

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