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  Natasias 08:23 04 Jun 2008

Hi, I'm quite just a begginer and I need a search engine which searches my site, with the custom controls easy to tweak so;
Does anybody where can I find I PHP search engine engine which works?
I tried a few but none works...

Also; If you know of a good site where to find CSS tutorials with some level for me to learn, I'd be so grateful.


  Kemistri 02:01 05 Jun 2008

User error may be a distinct possibility since [a] most code examples from reputable sources are likely to have been tested properly before they are made available (promote duff code and your peers will notice) and [b] many code examples are basically similar and can be traced back to common sources. Check Hot Scripts (click here) for a variety, all with ratings.

Which local server are you using (if any), by the way? If you have not already got one, try XAMPP.

For CSS, start at Sitepoint (click here) and then buy some books, such as Sitepoint's own or those by Andy Budd or Eric Meyer. Oh, and check out the code refs at Dev Guru (click here)

  Natasias 05:10 05 Jun 2008

Good! I't seems you know how to keep me busy for a while with these links, I really appreaciate: it takes ages to go nowhere sometimes.
I'll recomend PC Advisor to friends.
Thanks so much.

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