PHP code not working!

  Charence 20:45 14 Jan 2005

I've been trying to setup a sql query by using the address bar as well.

Here's the query: "SELECT * FROM Meal WHERE MealTypeID=".$MealTypeID;

which works when values of 3-16 are entered in the address bar, but when 1 and 2 are entered 1 displays all records, 2 displays no records. I have checked the database and it does not have problems.

When MealTypeID=1, MealID 1-7 should be displayed.

When MealTypeID=2, MealID 8-15 should be displayed.

Why aren't values 1 and 2 working?

Thank you,


  Charence 21:20 14 Jan 2005

click here should just bring up Omelette Dishes

click here should just bring up Chop Suey Dishes

click here should just bring up Curry Dishes

To view all dishes click here

  Talented Monkey 22:23 14 Jan 2005

Ok am i missing somthign here, or have you sorted the problem? the links you posted certainly bring up the correct listings you wanted.

maybe your browser cache needs emptying or page refresh .

  Charence 22:26 14 Jan 2005

Not sorted yet.

Even the first link? When I click it, there are 153 meals. There should just be 7. What displays on yours?


  Charence 22:29 14 Jan 2005

ahh that's what it was...thanks Talented Monkey!!

Also before I tick this, does anyone have any good links to PHP code?

And are there any other sorting features you think should be included? e.g. Price? Searching?


  Charence 22:31 14 Jan 2005

Another question, is it possible to make it display all records?

Thanks, Charence

  Taran 00:01 15 Jan 2005

SELECT * FROM tablename will display all records.

Basic PHP links:

click here

click here

click here

click here

All sorts of everything in PHP:

click here

click here

And my own personal favourite overall has to be the superb PHP Freaks web site:

click here

  Charence 13:06 15 Jan 2005

Sorry, I didn't mean display all links using that query. Because for the page I've already written the query "SELECT * FROM Meal WHERE MealTypeID=".$MealTypeID; , I was wondering whether I could make this particular query display everything or is it not possible? Would I have to create another page with a different query?


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