Pau1JB 16:29 28 Feb 2004

Am looking for two scripts.

One which i can add to my webiste so that users can add links, and view straight away. I would like it they coudl add some sort of decription to what they submitted and or if they coudl select catogerys that it would be added to.

secondly am trying to find a script that allows users to create and add to storys. it is like a post board sort of. liek chipmonk stories only i cant get that working.


  Taran 16:55 28 Feb 2004
  Pau1JB 17:15 28 Feb 2004

didnt help, they cost money.

i jsut want some thing basic.

for posting links on a page

and tehn come thing like the chipmonk story thingy which is in hotscripts. it would be prefect but i cant get it to work

  Taran 18:14 28 Feb 2004

The first link leads you to 104 possible scripts which all perform link management in one capacity or another. Out of that 104 scripts, a handful of them cost money.

The second link leads you to a possible 239 news/story/article management scripts and again, a tiny proportion of them actually cost you anything.

In both cases the vast majority of the scripts are totally free and I suggest you take a thorough look through either of those two links or the HotScripts site in general for something suitable to your needs.

Other than that you could try Google.

  Pau1JB 18:46 28 Feb 2004

sorri about earlyer i was annoyed trying to get some part of my site working

u links got me to the right link php script.

its just i like the chipmonk story script but dont know hoew to use it can u please tell me

  Taran 20:06 29 Feb 2004

For Chipmunk Story if you follow the instructions in the readme.txt file you shouldn't go wrong.

As long as you correctly edit the connect.php file in the Admin folder it works very smoothly.

This is the connect.php file code:


$db = mysql_connect("localhost", "username", "password") or die("Could not connect.");

die("no db");

die("No database selected.");


Change it so that it contains your MySQL hostname, username and password instead of ("localhost", "username", "password"). Your databse host probably is localhost - most are. If you alter "username", "password" to the username and password for your MySQL database.

After that, do as the instructions say:

1. Run admin/install.php and then delete install.php

This will be www

Once you've run the install.php file, delete it from the web server.

2. Run admin/register.php and register an admin name.

Again, this will be along the lines of www

Now delete the register.php and reguser.php files from the admin folder on the web server.

That's it.

To log into Chipmunk Story admin panel go www

I've just run the script on one of my web servers and it was very smooth.

  Taran 20:18 29 Feb 2004

I missed out one very vital bit in the above mix.

This line contains your database name:


You have to substitute "db_name" with the name of your database on your web server.

Sorry for not including that in the above.


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