Photovista problem

  steve263000 09:38 27 Dec 2005

Good day all,

I have treated myself to Photovista after seeing it on the forum. I have it installed and have taken a trial set of photos that have stiched together well. Then comes the problem. I have tried to upload it to a web page for viewing. If I can get the darn thing working, I would like to take more of my home city, and other places.

However, whatever I do I cannot get it to work on a web page. go to click here and then use the drop down box to go to the bottom line "panormas" and click on "new house view" to see what I mean. I am using the Java version that does not need plug ins, and it works on my home computer.

I have copied all the files across from the file where the panorma files are kept to to the upload files from FP. When I copy and paste the HTML file as suggested by photovista, all I get is a grey box, and in the browser view, it comes up as seen on the web site.

I could use a bit of help, becuase this is driving me nuts. I take a lot of photos, and this would be a great addition to my web site. Also as I am writing, can you save the 3D panorams to CD roms?

Thanks in advance. Steve.

  Forum Editor 10:45 27 Dec 2005

the applet has no image to load. You've copied the applet into your html file, but you must also copy the Java file 'panoapplet.jar' to your site on the server in the same directory as the image and IVR file. (Create a special directory for your panorama image) You'll find a copy of these files in the directory where you saved the HTML file.

  anchor 16:52 27 Dec 2005

Hello steve263000:

I see what you mean, and FE is, (as usual), correct. As you know I do a lot of panoramas, using both Photovista and Pixmaker. Personally I prefer the java applet, used by Pixmaker, (uPixScreen.jar), and use this one whatever stitching programme I use. You have more control of size of picture display, and speed of movement. You also make an adjustment in the code for the field of view of the image to improve perspective.

It is just a simple matter of modifying the code for the pages. Have a look at the source code on my panoramas; eg: any of my French ones:

click here

You will find the java applet uPixScreen.jar in any panorama made with the free Pixmaker lite, that I referred you to in your previous thread. Or, you can download it from here;

click here

select save.

If you want more help, post again. Good luck, and welcome to the world of panoramas.

  steve263000 08:48 28 Dec 2005

F.E and Anchor, thank you for your replies, and anchor, you have just what I have been after, and now I am even more determined to get it working.

However, I have saved the file in a special folder in my images file in FP. I have checked, and did so yesterday, that the 'panoapplet.jar'file is there. So if the html file is there, and the panoapplet.jar file is there, should not they both load up? Or am I supposed to have a seperate file, say on the desktop, and just copy them into a html file in my directory?

And by the way Anchor, the 'pixmaker lite' would not even open when I tried it. But I have photovision and would like to get that working anyway.

  anchor 10:19 28 Dec 2005

Like everything, it is easy when you know how; OK, this is the way I personally do it. Open Photovista, and load your pictures, (ensuring they in order and run from left to right). Select your panorama type,(eg: horizontal, 2D)and your lens focal length, then stitch.

After it is done, check to see it looks correct, and click on save. Choose a name for it, and select a folder to store it, & in web options choose panorama with java viewer. Then save it; (in compression options I choose high, and make adjustments in size and compression later in Paint shop pro). You should then have 4 files in your folder; the jpg, the java applet, an ivr file, and the htm file.

I open the jpg file in Paint shop pro, (although almost all photo programmes will do similar). Make adjustments to picture quality if necessary, and adjust the size and compression to give the image that is a balance of quality and file size. This is saved with the same name.

I open the htm file in MS Front Page, and make changes to give a nice look to the page that viewer will see. This is saved with the same name.

I load all the 4 files to my ISP server using CuteFTP, storing them in the same folder.

That is all to it. For interest I have made one for you to see:

click here

For comparison, here is the same image, but using the Pixmaker java applet

click here

ps: I cannot undertsand why you were unable to load Pixmaker Lite. Another forum member downloaded the same file from me about 2 or 3 months ago, and had no problem.

  anchor 11:23 28 Dec 2005

fourm member:

I think you have answered the question yourself. If you have java disabled then the java applet will be unlikely to work.

I have had my panorama sites for some years, and only rarely do I have a message that there is a problem. I cannot comment about Firefox, but from the site results I see, most people are using IE. This may change, but for the moment IE is still the favourite.

The main problem I find is that visitors may not have Java, or MS Virtual machine, installed or enabled.

  Forum Editor 23:21 28 Dec 2005

I can see anchor's files in both IE6 and FireFox - no problem, but a lot of people will be like fourm member, and have security settings on high, and Java disabled. It's therefore a good idea to add explanatory text, and any necessary links to any pages that contain Java applets.

Server logs don't always tell the full story, and many people are deterred when faced with something that doesn't work, or takes time to load.

  anchor 10:04 29 Dec 2005

FE: Point taken.

I will add a more detailed note of explanation to my main site.

The ones linked to above were only made for illustration for steve263000.

  steve263000 15:42 29 Dec 2005

Thank you all for the responses to my thread. I will leave it open for the time being, but I am now in direct contact with anchor, and he is of great help. I will let you know when this problem has been sorted. Anchor has said that he uses CuteFTP to upload to the main web site folders. Now I know that to most of you this is very straight forward, but I have never used this program. Is it easy to use? Or is there a better way of transfer such as a straight C&P.

  steve263000 12:26 06 Jan 2006

Good day to you. I am still having problems uploading the Java file to my site. I have saved the files in the web directory, then uploaded it. But when I check it in the brower view, it works perfectly. When I upload it, then, the java applet fails. Any clues? I have been trying this for about two weeks, and it is driving me nuts.

  Forum Editor 14:13 06 Jan 2006

but not on the server it's usually a sign that the relevant code has not been uploaded from your machine.

Where have you put the file called 'uPixScreen.jar'?

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