PhotoSuite 4

  User-178362 23:10 03 Aug 2006

Just wondered if you can help please, I have just had my PC sorted to genuine windows, now I am having difficulty in scanning, I go into Photosuite click on Scan, program freezers. the only way out is Ctrl Alt Delete. Do you think I might not have put the cables in wrong, scanner problem or program trouble. I have downloaded pic of my camera no prob, I scanned one pic then it packed up on me. I had the overheating looked at so I dout if its that. I have Epson Perfection 3170 Photo.

  pj123 13:41 04 Aug 2006

I had the same problem with my 3170 scanner. Although I don't use Photosuite I use Paint Shop Pro or the Epson Smart Panel. I found I had to keep re-installing the scanner software every couple of days.

Epson told me to update the scanner software from their website. Having done that I have not had any more problems.

click here

  User-178362 16:36 04 Aug 2006

Do you mean I have to click on Driver and software downloads for XP? I didn't know you could update scanner software, I thought what you bought is what you had. I have had my scanner one year now but I do not use it very often, but have never had any problems with-it until now.

  pj123 17:58 04 Aug 2006

Yes, just download Epson Scan 2.6zg an save it to your hard drive.

Make a note of the file name and where you save it to. eg. I have a Folder called "Downloads" so that I know where to look for anything I download from the Internet.

Once you have downloaded it you will need to run it.

  User-178362 19:54 04 Aug 2006

Just tried to download 3 times, but a message came up saying File download of epson 27352eu.exe was not completed, due to unexpected server response.

  pj123 21:05 04 Aug 2006

I still have the file on my computer but it is an .exe file which your ISP may not allow through.

I can zip it up and email it to you. If you want to try that please email me via the envelope.

  pj123 22:46 04 Aug 2006

Have tried to email this zip file to you twice now but it doesn't work. I can put it on a CD and post it to you if you like. Email me again if you would like me to do that.

  jakimo 23:09 05 Aug 2006

What do you mean by your pc being sorted to genuine windows?.(has your version of windows been changed)

  User-178362 23:28 05 Aug 2006

No I was XP before but it wasn't genuin thats no longer an issue. The PC is askting realy slowly now and I cannot get my scanner to work.

  pj123 09:56 07 Aug 2006

CD with the update on the way to you.

  User-178362 23:15 07 Aug 2006

Thank you pj123. I will wait to see how I get on with it before I close this thread.

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