PhotoStory3 DVD burner plug in.

  muddypaws 16:35 16 Aug 2012

I have been using the above for years. Yesterday when I got to the options

at the end the choice to 'Burn DVD for a home player' had vanished.

Everything appears to

still be in the Sonic programme folder.

I went to the Roxio/ Sonic site and the support option now takes me to Corel.

I mailed them to ask if I could have a repeat download for free as I had

paid for it originally and they replied thus:

"Thank you for contacting Corel Customer Support.

We checked the link which you had sent us and we do not support PhotoStory3 since its just a plug in and it is supported by Microsoft only.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any further questions."

Now this is the link I sent them:

PS3 DVD plug in.

So is it me ? or them!!

I have queried it again and they say contact M.S. Which admittedly I

haven't yet done.

Is there a useable MS telephone number in the UK?

Any suggestions as to a solution would be appreciated.

I have copy pasted the plug in from an external, but no change.

If anyone has the plug in could they open the Sonic folder and see if

they have a folder for 'Error strings' which I have, although it is


Many thanks.

  muddypaws 16:36 16 Aug 2012

Apologies for the irregular spacing. I blame PCA (;-}

  lotvic 21:59 16 Aug 2012

Had a search and found that some AV progs and iTunes cause the plug-in to stop working. However you can save the story to pc and then use another converter/burner to burn to DVD.

According to papajohn Sonic DVD plug-in, results in Photo Story and the Sonic plug-in rendering a 720x480 WMV file (NTSC), transcoding it to MPEG-2 video and audio files, and burning a DVD. You are limited to one story per disc.

Also says: If you intend to save your story on your computer, and then create a Video CD (VCD) or a DVD, in the Settings dialog box, select the profile that is recommended for your VCD or DVD player. Then import the story into a VCD or DVD authoring program that supports WMV files and burn the story onto a CD or DVD... or use Movie Maker to convert the story into a DV-AVI file for your authoring software.

Hope some of that info is useful.

  lotvic 22:05 16 Aug 2012

Also found this ClickHere for W7 and PS3 with the plugin problems, they advise to use Windows DVD maker.

  muddypaws 10:38 17 Aug 2012


Many thanks, will bear in mind. However despite several emails passing between Corel Support and myself in which they continually insisted that the plugin was no longer sold by Roxio/Sonic or whoever they are now, about an hour ago I re downloaded it from the Roxio link.

So PS3 is all back to normal and I have the download on a usb stick now.

I am awaiting their comments!!

  lotvic 14:03 17 Aug 2012

May I ask how you did that without having to buy it again?

  muddypaws 13:35 18 Aug 2012


Sorry for delay.

I was so intent on proving that Roxio/Sonic still sold the burner plug in so I paid for the d/load again.

Then mailed them to say what I had done.

Reply yesterday:

"Thank you for your reply. Please be informed that. we only support the

products which is listed in the link below.

We do not support PhotoStory3 since its just a plug in and it is supported by Microsoft only.

If you would like to get a refund for Sonic DVD for Photo Story 3, please let us know. We will process it from our end.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any further questions."

And my reply to that;

"Thanks for your reply. But why do you keep telling me you don't support PS3!? I know you don't- it is a Microsoft programme. My original question ( several mails back now) was regarding the Sonic/Roxio DVD burner plug in for PS3 to which I kept getting the reply that it is no longer sold or supported by Sonic/Roxio when it was obvious from the link I sent that it was still available from their site. I have to say that I am disappointed in the information that Corel provide. However it is kind of you to offer a refund for my purchase of the plug in and would be "grateful if you would process it to my PayPal account. Kind regards,

So if anyone has recourse to getting support from Roxio/Sonic/Corel they could be in for a long conversation.(;-]


  lotvic 14:23 18 Aug 2012

Nice one... a refund for plugin, seeing as you had paid for it the first time around it is daft that you weren't able to just download it again :) anyway you now have the plug-in .exe so you will be able to save that in case of future reinstalls. (at least I hope you have saved a copy of it)

  muddypaws 15:54 18 Aug 2012


Yes --saved on two drives and a USB stick.

Will resolve.

  muddypaws 15:14 20 Aug 2012

Silly me! And there was I thinking they had put their customer friendly hat on.

"We have processed the refund from our end. The refund number xxxxxx has been created for this transaction in the amount of GBP14.99.

Please note that your software is no longer supported and you will have to uninstall and destroy any copies of the software.

Regards, Elangovan Corel Customer Support Services"

I'll wait and see how long it takes to vanish.

Another nail in their coffin.

  lotvic 17:59 20 Aug 2012

They are just trying to get you to uninstall of your own accord. They can hardly remotely uninstall software they no longer support. LOL

Anyway you paid for it once the first time you bought it years ago so you are quite legal :)

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