Photoshop - Tool to erase changes

  Plastic Dracula 21:03 02 Sep 2008

Dont know if anyone here can help.
At some point in the past I have used Photoshop (I think) to make changes to an image then used a tool to erase part of the changes that I made.
Its kinda difficult to put into words and I have been googling for ages but I cant seem to find how I did it.
Basically, if I start with a colour image then change it to black and white, I seem to remember some tool I could use to erase part of the changed image so it would reveal what the image was like before I changed it leaving a mainly black and white image but with coloured bits where I used the tool.
Does that make sense?
Also, does anyone know how I did it ?!?!

  UncleP 21:23 02 Sep 2008

Generally, the simplest way to do that is to duplicate the coloured image layer, change the new (upper) layer to black-and-white (or whatever you require) and then use the eraser or edit/cut tool to reveal the underlying colour image where that is required. Basically, you have to retain a copy of the colour image somewhere, and on a layer with your final image is the most direct amd convenient place - and ensures automatic registration.

  Severn Bore 21:36 02 Sep 2008

Have you tried the History brush?

  ventanas 22:14 02 Sep 2008

There was a program some years back that would progressively undo an action. You could undo brush strokes on a partial basis etc. It was called Satori, but I haven't seen it for ages now.

  ventanas 22:17 02 Sep 2008

Seems it is still around click here and free. Strange as it used to be quite expensive. I'm downloading now.

  Plastic Dracula 22:35 02 Sep 2008

Well done Severn Bore!

History brush is the one. I had to play with the settings a bit but now it is doing what I wanted.

Thanks all

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