Photoshop Keeps Freezing on me, could it be virus

  erkmatrix 09:33 20 Jun 2009

Hi I have Photoshop CS3 and its been working fine until yesterday when it kept on freezing and turning the image white and when I click on anything it says at the top photoshop not responded like a memory error and it doesn't have enough memory to perform the task. Even though they are only photos that are small and its handled much larger files before OK.

Could it be a nasty virus or something that's eating up my memory and causing this, as I say its been fine before yesterday working on large files. I've done a virus check with Avira and I have done a super antispyware scan and it found a couple of things but the problem is still there.

Has anyone anything else to suggest for me to do to check if its a memory problem or something else.


  mocha 09:54 20 Jun 2009

Hi junipaire,

Have you downloaded and installed Photoshop CS3 10.0.1 patch also have you run a memory test click here this will test your RAM for faults and it's free.

  mocha 10:04 20 Jun 2009

Hi junipaire,

This also may be worth trying. click here

  eedcam 10:14 20 Jun 2009

Try holding down alt/shift/control as soon as P/shop starts to load you should get a dialogue box asking if you want to save prerences choose no

  erkmatrix 12:06 20 Jun 2009

Hi, just tried the getting rid of the preference file but no it still returned, it likes waits about 1 minute before it does it but seems to do it regardless even if you don't have an image file actually open, even just looking through the prefernce menu and it frooze.

The memory test, I didn't understand how I got it to work, it looked rather complicating.

I tried a system restore but for some reason it said it was incomplete hen it returned from doing it. So watse of time trying that.

Any other solutions, anyone please

  john bunyan 12:17 20 Jun 2009

I now have CS4, and had a few problems. I found the Adobe tech people helpful on the telephone - not sure of the number, but it is on the website. Had to uninstall and reinstall, then get updates. I assume you have run checks with Malawarebytes as well as Superantispyware?
I also had a problem with 2 false positives with AVG8 that turned out to be CS4 files. Unfortunately I deleted them before realising it so the reinstall fixed it. Did you identify the Aviva problems as not being Photoshop?

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