Photoshop jpeg conversion

  GPa 12:25 27 Jan 2006

I can open files (photoshop format), but if I try to convert to jpeg, Photoshop crashes. This applies to all files in the sub folder.
If I try to copy or move one of these files to another location using Windows Explorer, then Windows Explorer crashes. If I try to attach a file to an email, outlook crashes. A virus scan reveals no problems.Files from other subfolders in the same folder behave normally.
Where am I going wrong??

  fazer 12:56 27 Jan 2006

When you say "Photoshop format" do you mean Psd files? and secondly, are the layers flattened?

Its important to flatten/merge the layers otherwise the resulting image file would be huge -? causing the crashes.

Also, unless the recipient of your mail has Photoshop then they will not be able to open the file anyway.

To convert in Photoshop, go via "save as" then choose a more common file-type - JPEG for example but do keep an eye on the file size regardless of the format (75 pixels is more than adequate for desktop viewing).

  ROYWIDD 14:05 27 Jan 2006

How much RAM do you have?I know from experience that Photoshop is very memory-hungry

  Pineman100 14:15 27 Jan 2006

You say that you can open .psd files. Where are these files coming from? PSD is a native Photoshop format, so the files being loaded on to your computer are presumably coming in as perhaps .jpg or .tif and you're converting them to .psd. Is that right? If so, how and why are you doing that? Is it by editing them within Photoshop?
When you convert your files from .psd to .jpg (presumably by using Save As) are you resizing the image first? If so, could you inadvertently be creating a huge file? If an image has a very large physical size, but low resolution (say 75dpi) and you increase it perhaps 300dpi, then you should reduce its physical size by roughly the same proportion, otherwise you'll create an emormous file size.
As Fazer says, you'll also get very large files is you don't flatten the image before you save it as a .jpg.

  LAP 14:42 27 Jan 2006

I use Adobe Elements 3 & Photoshop. I save as .psd for futher/future alterations and also as .jpg for printing. The only time I reduce the size of an image is for email/web but I still keep the original. My os is win xp 1gb ram 240gb hard drive. I have over 5000 images stored (majority backed up)

The point I'm making is mine has never crashed!

  fazer 15:01 27 Jan 2006


Further to my reply above, I could'nt agree more with LAP - Photoshop is stable so there must be a simple solution to your problem.

Just a final thought - these images of yours, there not RAW files are they (depending on your version of Photoshop, these could cause problems).

  brambles 16:06 27 Jan 2006

I always keep my .psd files in layers - thats the whole purpose of Photoshop.

If you open a .psd file and then click File/Save for web you will be offered 3 alternative file sizes in JPEG format. I have just ooened a 2MB .psd file and when clicking on File/save for web I was offered 3 sizes 519KB, 167KB, and 112KB.

Perhaps this method might work for you.


  cycoze 17:01 27 Jan 2006

Sounds like the files have become corrupted/damaged, if you cannot copy or move them from their sub-folder , what other files are in the folder you mentioned?

You say they open up ok in PS, have you tried opening one, and then saving it as a psd to a new folder with a different name, see if it still crashes PS, if it doesent close the original then try opening the new copy, you could also then see if it saves as jpg or is movable from it`s new folder.

Are other psd`s in other folders working ok and moveable?

Are the files psd or something else?

  LAP 09:26 29 Jan 2006

How are you getting on?

  GPa 14:27 05 Feb 2006

Thank you to Cycoze who put his finger right on it! this works, and I will apply it to all the other misbehaving files.

Thank you all for your interest and help.

PS. I have tried many times over the last week to post this message but it keeps failing - hope this one gets through.

Thanks again

  cycoze 16:38 05 Feb 2006

Good to hear it worked for you GPa.

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