PhotoShop Elements 9 difficult to start

  naviator 10:46 01 Aug 2011

I bought Elements 9 and registered it some time ago. Initially no problem. Suddenly however for no apparent reason when I select it now I get the message 'Elements 9 has encountered a problem and must close...Send error message.' Repeated attempts only produce this message. Restarting the computer occasionally results in a successful download. Otherwise I have to shutdown completely and restart. That often doesn't work either. My system is Windows XP home edition. No downloads have been made from the WWW recently, and anti-virus systems are all working. Nothing has been detected. If anyone has encountered a similar problem with this programme I would be interested to hear more.

  recap 10:53 01 Aug 2011

Uninstall Photoshop Elements, run CCleaner - when asked to bakc up the register, do so - shut down computer. Reinstall Photoshop Elements and you should be able to download all the latest updates.

  ventanas 13:41 01 Aug 2011

If you do this recover your licence first


You will then be able to reactivate after reinstalling.

  naviator 21:02 04 Aug 2011

Thank you all for your replies. I was a bit wary before I posted my original query - the programme disc wouldn't do anything. A repair option might, as with other discs, have shown itself. - and then seeing your advice I thought 'Dammit! Do it. It's registered and legal.'

After removing it and shutting down completely I reinstalled after restarting and switching on the Internet connection. The result then was entirely satisfactory and it works far better than it ever did before. To date there are no problems starting the thing either. Original problem completely resolved plus a lot of other things as well. I think I must have made a serious error when originally installing it. Again, thank you!

  naviator 13:36 13 Aug 2011

In my last I stated "To date there have been no problems.". Now though the same problem has started all over again. Photoshop 9 more often than not will not start up but produces the same '...has a problem...' message. I am about to shut down prior to reinstating it again and will post the result in about a week's time when things may have settled down. In the meantime if anyone has any alternative suggestions I would like to know them.

  john bunyan 13:41 13 Aug 2011

I have found Adobe Technical Support very helpful on the telephone when I had issues with PS CS5. (Number with disc)

  ams4127 16:15 13 Aug 2011

Photoshop Elements 9 is a newish programme while Windows XP is an old OS. Right click the Elements.exe file and run in XP Compatability mode.

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