Photoshop elements 5 and Raw files advice req'd.

  six-h 01:40 20 Jan 2009

I'm hoping that one of our "Master Photographers" out there will pick this one up!
Since I've now treated myself to a Sony A300 DSLR, which will write files to both Jpeg and Raw formats, I thought I would prepare PSE5 for the task, rather than install the Sony software which I imagine would cause civil war with Elements!

On advice from "Elements Village forum" I've downloaded the "DNG Camera Raw 4 4 1" file, and as advised, replaced the file "Camera Raw.8bi" in my installation with the downloaded file of the same name.
I was advised that I didn't need the acompanying application "Adobe DNG Converter.exe" and to delete it.

Perhaps it's my naivety and ignorance, but I was under the impression that Raw files come in various flavors, and that some conversion would be needed for PSE to recognise them...a converter, maybe?

Since responses at EV seem to have dried up, I'm hoping someone here will take up the challenge to educate me!!...well try to!

  rick808 02:10 20 Jan 2009

You don't need the Adobe DNG Converter that's just for converting to/from the Adobe DNG format. Raw files will be handled by PE itself although it's been a long time since I've used Elements 5 and it's possible the latest version of Camera Raw that 5 supports will not be able to convert your file - all depends on the age of your camera. Right click a raw image and "open with" Elements and if you have installed the 8bi file in the right place it will open in the Adobe converter.

  rick808 02:17 20 Jan 2009

Just looked on Abobe update site and i'm afraid it's not going to work with version 5.
The latest version of camera raw that works with 5 is 4.3.1 and as you probably already know 4.4.1 is where the A300 starts to be supported.
Time to upgrade PE I think or try out Lightroom V2 - i've been using it for a number of years at work and wouldn't like to change back to Photoshop for raw conversion especially for large batches.

  six-h 02:41 20 Jan 2009

Hi rick808,
Hmm.. If you're right, that's bad news, since I've just "upgraded" to 5 from Elements circa 2001 and I'm out of cash for the forseeable due to the camera & kit! lol

I'm not good at finding things on the Adobe site, but the EV forum pointed me at this page: -click here Which seems to indicate that Camera Raw 4.4.1 is OK for PSE5.
It says
>>For Camera Raw 4.4.1:
See the system requirements for Adobe Creative Suite® 3, Photoshop CS3, Photoshop Elements 5.0 or 6.0, or Adobe Premiere Elements 3.0 or 4.0 for Windows software.<<

Although the instructions only mention PSE6, I presumed that they were for either 5 or 6.

I haven't as yet taken any raw pics, so can't yet try it.
I did however try saving an existing Jpeg as a Photoshop Raw file, and when I opened it, it was a very strange image indeed!

  six-h 03:27 20 Jan 2009

Sorry rick808,
I'm forgetting that Mac's are the machines of choice for the creative amongst us!
I can by no means be described as "creative" lol

Thus, for my shortcommings,I live in the "PC" world of Mr Gates' creation!
It would seem that this is where the disparity lies regarding support for the version 4.4.1

Hope I'm right, could do with being lucky!!

  ened 07:19 20 Jan 2009

I use Elements vi and shoot everything in RAW with my Nikon D80.

The only problem is I jumped straight from Elements iv to six so am not 100% sure about version five.

You can try it with a couple of pics.

I download the pics straight into the Organiser where Elements creates thumbnails. If I want to work on an image or just convert it I simply right-click and choose Full Edit. This opens the Editor and up pops another screen on top which allows me to change various settings (White balance/Exposure/Clarity etc).

I have just dug out the leaflet which came with the software and in the 'What's New' section there is no mention of any of the stuff I have just written. So I am assuming it was there in five as well.

  BT 08:40 20 Jan 2009

Have a look on the PhotoAnswers website
click here?
There are lots of Tutorials for PhotoShop and Elements, including some on using RAW files.

  rick808 09:28 20 Jan 2009

HI six-h,
welcome to the wonderfully confusing world of Adobe updates!
We use PC's here at work so i've had far too much experiance with the updating process.

Looking at your link it does indeed say Elemnets 5 in the notes but going here - click here only shows 4.3.1 as the highest version available to Elements 5 users.
I can only suggest shooting a few test shots in RAW and see what Elements throws up when you try to open them.

What software came with your camera?

  raasay 09:40 20 Jan 2009

Hi Six-x

You should have no problem with The Sony software, the raw convertor gives good control of sony Raw and CRaw files and will export to your Photoshop Elements as a tiff file if you wish to enhance your photo further.

I have an A700 and I had to do this When Adobe didn't support the Sony in PS CS2.

If I can remember correctly when you install the software you can specify the photo editor you want to export to and a button to that programme will be in the top menu bar.

  six-h 00:37 21 Jan 2009

Evening ened!
You and I seem to be about at opposite ends of the day lol
Managed to find how to change the camera to record shots as both Raw and Jpeg, and whacked off a couple of shots this afternoon.
This evening once I had associated the filetype with PSE, it opened perfectly!
However, I don't have a clue how to use all the sliders!

Thanks for the link BT, I'm in need of tuition in the use of the Raw software, and will certainly chase up the relevent tuts.

Confusing is the word!
We Photoshoppers should know better than to expect more lol
I still can't get my help files to work, and after the horrendous struggle to install the prog in the first place, I can't face the trial of a re-install in the hope that it would fix it, so I live with it!

The Camera comes with what I presume is Sony's own software: -
"Picture Motion Browser Ver.2.1.02"
"Image Data Lightbox SR Ver.1.0"
"Image Data Converter SR Ver.2.0"
I've not yet installed these, so have little idea about them.
I'm loathe to install them though since as I stated above, I suspect they will fight with PSE for total control!!
Since PSE with the plug-in seems to work OK, I'm not sure that I need the Sony software anyway, future use may prove otherwise though!

  LastChip 01:10 21 Jan 2009

OK. I've just noticed your on your way, but keep in mind and if you get really stuck, use the free Gimp software with the ufraw plug-in. It supports your camera.

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