Photoshop elements 5 and DPI vs PPI - Confused!

  six-h 16:01 04 Oct 2009

I'm trying to split one roughly square photo into four so that I can print each quarter on an A4 sheet, and arrange them in a group for display.

A relatively simple task, or so I thought, but
Photoshop and indeed the laws of physics seem to be conspiring against me!
Can anyone explain how I can achieve this? terms fit for a simpleton like me!

I thought it all seemed to hang on the resolution but no,.. there's another can o'worms!
The pic. was taken with my pocket snapper (5.25MP) and has a stated res of 72 DPI.
Just looking at the EXIF Info on snaps from my Sony A300 with a 10.2 MP sensor, that also declares it's res. is 72 DPI....WTF??

  DieSse 16:42 04 Oct 2009

DPI is a confusing issue - as it depends on the size of a picture, not it's resolution.

A picture 1440 dots wide at 20" wide will be 72dpi - but the same picture at 10" will be 144dpi

So what you need to do is cut the picture into 4 equal sections - then zoom them all to fit an A4 sheet, then print them. The resolution doesn't come into it.

I use MS PhotoDraw to do this. You could even use Word.

  john bunyan 16:44 04 Oct 2009

I find it best to print at 300 dpi, and to use 72 dpi for the web etc.
What I have done in Photoshop is to go to File, New. Then call the file, say, Blank. Make the size 21 cm wide and 29.7 high (A4 size) at 300dpi.
Then open the 4 photos, ensure they are in portrait mode (so you will fit them in). On each go to Image, Size and make it 300 dpi, width 9.5 cm and height will automatically be about 13 or 14 cm. Save each at this size.
Then open the Blank. In turn go to each photo, then : Select, All, copy Then go to Blank and then Paste. Using the move tool put the photo into the bottom right hand quarter.
Do the same for each photo, so you have 4 to the page. If you like you can flatten the image as each is a layer in photoshop. Then you can print. If you have a number to do you can delete all or some whist in the layer stage. At the end when you close the blank no not change from the original as you will often need it as a blank.
Remember this only works if the blank and each photo is at the same resolution - if you like a lower one do the above but ensure all the items are the same resolution.
If you want say, 2 to a page you could have the photos as landscape at about 19.5 wide and 14.5 high and copy as above.
Another solution for the problem you state is to open the photo you want in portrait mode and resze it to 300 dpi at 21 cm wide,
The point is that the total pixels as taken by the camera is the thing that is important. Have a look at the pixel width when you open a pic, and when you change the size or resolution, ensure that the pixel amount is about the same.

  BT 16:52 04 Oct 2009

Good explanation but what I understand is that six-h wants to split a single picture into 4 pieces then print each quarter on an A4 to make a larger picture.

  john bunyan 17:14 04 Oct 2009

Sorry if I misundestood .DieSie seems to have covered it.

  six-h 17:32 04 Oct 2009

BT; you're right, but I've learned something from john bunyan,
1. Handy tip to save that blank canvas as a tool for future use!
2. Discovered the "preset" box in the "New Blank" config. window!
Followed DieSse's instructions and achieved my objective!
Thanks to all for sorting that for me!!

  hssutton 20:04 04 Oct 2009

Not very easy to explain, but here is how to do it.

click here

Personally it would be easier and probably just as cheap to use such as Photobox, or posterprints click here.

Even if you want four seperate quarters it would in my opinion be better to use the above.

It's extremely rare that I produce any prints at home as quality wise and cost wise it's better to use online printers. I've just had two 16 x 20" prints done at a cost of £26.60. 10 x 8" cost £1.19 + postage

  BT 08:22 05 Oct 2009

While having a little experiment with this idea I've realised that you can't drag out guidlines from the rulers in PS Elements like you can in CS2.

I've got Elements 2 and 6 and its not an option in either. Its a pity Adobe don't put in some of the more useful features of Photoshop into the frequent new incarnations of Elements instead of dumbing it down so much.

  birdface 09:08 05 Oct 2009

Absolutely no idea if this is any good to any of you but as it is free for 24 hours.

click here

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