Photoshop Elements 4 folder error. Help,please?

  GloriaM 07:19 27 Jul 2009

Photoshop Elements 4 installed on XP has the following problem:
When try to create catalog an error message appear -’My Catalog.psa can not be found.Open or create new.’
When click on OK another message says that No catalog is found in current directory’
Then I click on OK to create a new one, a new catalog window appears set to create catalog in folder ‘odbc’ inside Elements 4, in Shared assets.
I entered a name for new catalog but another message says that ‘the catalog can not be created because disk may be full, write protected or otherwise inoperable’
At this point I can’t do anything and must close Photoshop Elements.
The other features of the program like opening and editing of pictures work ok.

The disk that program says ‘may be full, write protected etc’ is disk C and Photoshop Elements 4 is installed inside it in folder Programs folder .
I have full access to computer and other programs installed never give me any trouble of this sort.
Plenty of space on the C disk, and it is not write protected.

My original disk is badly damaged and useless for clean re - install of Elements 4 .

Is there any way to fix Photoshop Elements so I can use its catalog function again ?

Additional info - I’ve done some disks clean up and am afraid this mysterious ‘My Catalog.psa ‘
may be deleted by accident.

I was thinking to create a new folder and name it ‘My Catalog.psa ‘ as replacement for this mysterious ‘My Catalog.psa ‘ that Elements asks for
but don‘t want to mess with the program
and anyway I don’t know exactly where it must be located …
Also, I don’t know exact locations where components of the program are installed (my knowledge of complex inner workings of PC are limited, sorry for that).

Can anyone , please, guide me in plain English how to fix Elements 4 on this Sony laptop and make it create catalogs?

Thank you all in advance!

  iscanut 10:59 27 Jul 2009

Not what you want to hear, but buy a copy of Elements 4 or later on E Bay for instance and do a fresh install. Without the original CD being usable, your options are limited. There is a copy of Elements 4 currently on E Bay at a starting bid of 0.99p.

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