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  Furkin 12:35 18 Dec 2010

Hi all,
For some reason I can't seem to re-size a logo cut from from PS v7 and pasted to MS-Word.
In PS I have a folder that contains logos & signatures.
When I write letters/reports/Fax's etc in Word, I just cut'n'paste whatever I need.

I have always just pasted it, and sized it to git wat I was doing. I have no idea why it won't re-size now.
I have saved a signature in .jpg & .psd to see if there's a difference - there isn't.
I have reduced the image size in PS, but when I cut'n'paste that, I just get a blank gap where that image should be. If I click Backspace, I get a row of dots where the image should be. Then if I click Backspace again, it deletes this & the cursor goes to the beginning of the line.

I'm guessing that i've done something stupid,,,, but what ?

Any ideas please ?

  brindly 12:55 18 Dec 2010

I use PS and I have the same problem sometimes and what I sometimes find is the object is so small it looks like it hasn.t pasted. I enlarge the screen and that shows the corner blocks to enlarge the object. Does that make sense?

  Furkin 13:13 18 Dec 2010

Thanks Brindly,
It made perfesct sense - but not in my case.

I pasted a signature which was too big for an A4 page. As I couldn't make it smaller, I went back to PS & made the image its-self smaller.
When I cut'n'past that, I get the thing outlined above.
The cursor does move along the line - as though it's inserted something,,,, but there is nothing there.

I have viewed the page in 300, & I still get the row of dots etc.


  tonyq 14:36 18 Dec 2010

would it be possible to post a link to the image of what you are trying to open. So that we can try opening it,plus what version of word are you using?.

  woodchip 14:44 18 Dec 2010

Have you tried Creating a Graphics or Custom box in Word, then put the Image in that, You should be able to do it without Box being seen. I can in WordPerfect. as you go over the box with mouse it will change so you know where you created it, Or hide box after

  Furkin 15:12 18 Dec 2010

ACER T120 Desktop. XP pro SP3. IE-8. Scanner Brother 5840 (all-in-one)

Whilst i'm trying to get a copy over, I have just noticed a couple of things.
1/ The signature that I'm trying to use at the moment is only a couple of weeks old. In fact, the three latest ones all re-act (or not) the same - they can't be re-sized.
But: all my old stuff does re-size and acts as normal- so it's only a recent thing.

2/ I just clicked on the same signature & it opened up PS and the scanned/saved version on there !

Am scanning my name to use as a 'test'. How do I separate it & link to it ?

MS-Word = v2007

  Furkin 15:13 18 Dec 2010

WC: Yep - tried inserting boxes & pasted to them - but still the same. The box its-self re-sizes, but not the pasted image.

  tonyq 16:05 18 Dec 2010

since I last posted I have been doing some address lables in Word 2007 which I have placed an Image. Now like you,when I select the Image to resize it,the Image opens in Photoshop which never happened before. I wonder if it as anything to do with windows updates,which I have recently installed,how about you?

  Furkin 17:06 18 Dec 2010

My last updates were Thurday night.

Now I think about this, it started happening a couple of months ago. Can't recall if it was the same time as the last updates.

What I have is an A4 page in Word, containing my family & business signatures & logo's.

When any of us need one, we just cut'n'paste the appropriate one from this page to our work.

I'm using all the same gear & programs that I have done for years,,,, and my older stuff is still normal.

I think (?!?!) it may be something to do with the way I used PS as opposed to Word.

  tonyq 10:27 19 Dec 2010

2 things to try,(I know it may be a bind)

1.Copy/paste your image into Word,click on the image,go to "Text Wrapping" choose an opion. You should now be able to resize your image.


2.Copy/paste your image into "Paint" RE-COPY paste into Word.

Please let me know if this works.

  tonyq 10:47 19 Dec 2010

Another way, Copy the image in Photoshop
when pasteing into "Word" use the "Paste Special" then choose Picture (Windows Metafile)
click here

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