Photoshop CS5 - Deal or no deal!

  Liteman 18:07 02 Aug 2010

I have been looking around for good deals on Adobe Photoshop CS5 and came across a website called Platosoftware, where they are offering the programme at £460, This is getting on for £150 less than the competition so I'm wondering if any of you good folks out there have had any dealings with Platosoftware and whether they are not just too good to be true.


  jimv7 18:45 02 Aug 2010

Got any kids in school or university

click here

  Nickynicks 15:08 03 Aug 2010

I like you found this company via Amazon and also looked to see what was written about them and found your post as well as the one viewed if you follow this here
Please read it as it lists them as a bogus scam site. I guess try ringing them and see what you get but if you can't get them on the phone then something is up isn't it? I will now steer clear. The other post re. Plato Software for education is because there is a Plato software product that is totally unrelated to this company and site that is well known as some sort of educational tool. I am now wary of looking at Amazon sponsored links as perhaps they don't look at them too closely??? I will be looking into this a bit more though and if anyone thinks they are OK (and don't work for them!) then please post back a reply.

  Nickynicks 15:20 03 Aug 2010

If youc all the number on their Contact us page then it takes you through to the genuine Adobe contact centre - which is weird as they can't help and when I spoke to them they had never heard of Plato Software. So why doesn't Plato have their own telephone number on their site which is answered by Plato Software? Reason - it is almost certainly a scam site. Please beware.

  itsupport999 00:19 04 Aug 2010

I personally had a good experience with Plato. I bought 2x Photoshop Creative Suite 5 Windows, saving around £250 total off amazon. The full boxed software turned up in 48 hours. I did not try to call them, I used their livechat website option to chase up my order status and get a copy invoice.

  eedcam 05:37 04 Aug 2010

Coincidence there are no other posts by itsupport99 in PCA.Apologies if it is genuine but

  jolorna 07:58 04 Aug 2010

click here is the address that Plato Software give, if you google the post code & street view the building is called communications house.

  kristain 08:13 04 Aug 2010

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  Liteman 09:03 04 Aug 2010

Having also googled their address and found that it is an address of a £50 a week virtual office in London, not the address of a company that is part of a £160milliion group (as they claim), I have decided to give them a wide berth.

Many thanks fo your input.

  Ian in Northampton 11:53 04 Aug 2010

And a word of warning. There's a guy advertising on Gumtree under various aliases who claims to be able to provide CS5 for silly money. The silly money concerned should make you suspicious that, at best, you'll get an illegal copy - but that isn't always of concern to everyone. However, at worst - in fact, in 100% of cases - you actually get nothing at all. It's a scam, designed to defraud people who probably deserve to get defrauded if they're prepared to try to acquire illegally copied software.

  eedcam 12:05 04 Aug 2010

Not to mention a coincidental apparently first post by [ itsupport999[ praising thecompany

=== I wouldn't be Paranoid if there were not so many people out to get me==

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