Photoshop CS3 30 day trial exception in spry.utils

  compumac 22:59 25 Oct 2008

I have downloaded a thirty day trial of Adobe Photoshop CS3 which functions with the exception of the search facility in the programmes help. I have installed twice with the same result. I tried it also by installing on my old PC and it functions perfectly OK. I only have about a week left to contiue trying it out. The error message that I get is "Caught exception in spry.utils.stringToXMLDoc():[object Error]" I have googled and only found one reference to this which refers to the fact that this function uses "Microsft.XMLDOM" Active X object"

Anybody help?

  compumac 15:55 26 Oct 2008

Bump 1 of 2

  compumac 17:40 27 Oct 2008

final 2 of 2

  Forum Member2 18:49 27 Oct 2008

what version of windows are you using

  compumac 19:24 27 Oct 2008

XP Home with SP3.

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